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Now That's What I call Rllmuk 2007

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That's really lovely.

A gorgeous track I'd never heard before, it's a cover of a Bobbie Gentry song.

Camera Obscura - 'Greyhound Going Somewhere'

And for those of you who've never heard of Bobbie Gentry (like me) here's a track which is very nice indeed.

Bobbie Gentry - 'Ode to Billie Joe'

Oh... and I found a track from Haydens upcoming album 'In Field and Town' which sounds quite upbeat.

Hayden - 'Where and When'

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Man, that seeqpod site is a revelation and a half. Hypem is great, and all, but this is so streamlined and efficient. Thanks Futureshock!

Deerhoof - The Perfect Me


Took me so long to get on with Deerhoof. This was the track to sort that out: gloriously goofy, and just a bit \m/. I don't think it's ever failed to put a smile on my face.

Haven't had a chance to listen to everything in here yet, but echo that Miracle Fortress track posted up there: I noticed today that London-based formumites can get the album for a tenner from rough trade with a free month's membership to their album club..

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Pantha Du Prince - Saturn Strobes

<a href="http://www.seeqpod.com/music/?plid=0e55a2ef25" target="_blank">http://www.seeqpod.com/music/?plid=0e55a2ef25</a>

Demands a bit of time with the headphones. Gorgeous, restrained electronica; an inspired, sweeping string part, all covered in complex layers of drums and chimes. You almost want to hope that the ad makers don't spot it any time soon.

:P I don't listen to electronica very often, but some of the most rewarding albums this year have been electronic: Burial, The Field, etc. Maybe I can add this to that list, of just dive a bit more into the genre.

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Three more:

The Shins - Phantom Limb


One of the best examples of what the Shins are about. Play it in company and it'll always become a conversation piece.

Underworld - Beautiful Burnout


"Blood on a tissue on the floor of the train. Sun goes down, temperature drops. Beautiful Burnout, beautiful burnout. Bird...crumb."


Manic Street Preachers - Autumn Song


I still maintain this was the album that should've been made after EMG. As it is, it's a few years too late. Pity, because this is a cracking song.

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Willy Baxter - Aiming High


Found this guy making sweet synthesized grooves on Myspace at the end of last year, 2007 saw his first and only proper release. A steady beat and chugging bassline with layer upon layer of lush synth and vocal chords. A really positive sounding track that always makes me feel good.

Professor Genius - Across the Spree


Another guy messing with synths and beatboxes that I found via blogs/myspace. His tunes sound like they're from another world. This one is simple, yet beautiful. Bonus points for the lead synth sound reminding me of PSO :wub:

Black Moth Super Rainbow - Rollerdisco


Some freaks from the woods somewhere outside Pittsburg USA, or so I read on the net. They make warm and fuzzy music that sounds like it could have been dug up from 30 years ago. I love the dusty disco-funk groove and the tripped out keyboards on this short track.

Farah - The Only One


"Burning Fire In The Mist, Birds Of God In The Sea, Can You Touch The Dying Sun? You And I Are The Only One"

This song sounds like it was recorded as the world was falling apart. I wrote this description about 5 times and not one of them did the song justice. Just listen.

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Farah - The Only One


"Burning Fire In The Mist, Birds Of God In The Sea, Can You Touch The Dying Sun? You And I Are The Only One"

This song sounds like it was recorded as the world was falling apart. I wrote this description about 5 times and not one of them did the song justice. Just listen.


That's just excellent.

The only place I can find any more farah is on a compilation called 'After Dark - Italians Do It Better'. Is there an album?

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Amon Tobin - Kitchen Sink (Clark remix)


Clark, one of the best electronic producers, remixes Amon Tobin, probably the best producer. I love his remix. The toy box melodies are excellent, and the beats are phat (especially at the end). It's restrained, minimal, and great.

Christ. - Happyfour Twenty


I'm not a huge fan of Christ., but this is really nice.

5 of 6 - Eve Visits the Aquarium


Okay, so it's me. But I still really like this.

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That's just excellent.

The only place I can find any more farah is on a compilation called 'After Dark - Italians Do It Better'. Is there an album?

Nope, the compilation and a 12" are the only things out there. After Dark is a great comp though. This is the only other track I have (and the instrumental), not sure where it's from. I think I downloaded it from her Myspace page (/farahfarahmusic).

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And at the other end of the hip-hop spectrum is this vividly futuristic piece of progessive new new NEW shit by El-P. It's total apocalypse music. From the 'Fire Walk With Me' dialogue on the intro, through the computer game synths, to the abrasive percussion, past the gothic organ stabs, over the tempo switch-up, into the weirdly uplifting rave-like chord progression, and onto the compressed-out wah funk at the end, the track is fucking EPIC. As far as I can tell, the lyrics are about bumping into some dust-smoking fuck-up from El's past and getting a train with him. It's great!

El-P - Tasmanian Pain Coaster

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Jesus this is find of the year for me. i'm gonna make a playlist of every song mentioned in this thread and educate myself. Keep em coming please.

My recommendation is the first song from my album of the year

Fall of troy - cut down the trees and name the streets after them

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You peeps do know you can do a proper playlist yeah and share that? So, I present (with a few ommissions because it wouldn't find them/work) my favourite tracks from '08:


Riot In Belgium - La Musique

Sneaky Sound System - I Love It (Riot In Belgium Forest Rave Mix)

Partial Arts - Trauermusik

Solomun & Stimming - Feuervogel

Chromeo - Fancy Footwork

Hadouken! - That Boy That Girl

Roisin Murphy - Let Me Know

Groove Armada - Song 4 Mutya (Out Of Control)

Sophie Ellis Bextor - Me & My Imagination

Girls Aloud - Girl Overboard

Yelle - Tristesse / Joie

TEPR - Minuit Jacuzzi (datA Remix)

Blood Red Shoes - It's Getting Boring By The Sea (Blamma Mix)

Digitalism - Idealistic

M.I.A. - Paper Planes

'La Musique' seemed to come too late to be a summer dance anthem, but goddamn it should've been. Riot In Belgium are going to be pretty big next year I feel.

'Trauermusik' treads some fine line in being electronica thats emotional but not boringly so and is actually fairly danceable. Saying that, every time I listen to it, it does kinda enchant me and I just stop what Im doing for a few minutes.

'Feuervogel' is one of the best minimal dance tracks I've heard this year. I'm a sucker for brass and strings in pretty much all genres of music - so something dancey but classical sounding, such as this, pushes lots of buttons.

The 'Roisin Murphy' & 'Groove Armada' tracks are Andy Cato productions , both rip off old 80's songs, but improve on the source material massively. Producer of the year as far as I'm concerned.

'Me & My Imagination' is really really cheesy, but I love those cheap violin strings and the whole song is just so damn happy.

'Girl Overboard' sounds like a lost Euro-Dance track from the 90's. It sounds completely HUGE and should be played in all chavvy clubs immediately. I really love the rhythmic phonetic delivery of the 'stumb-led', 'tumb-led' lines in particular.

Two french numbers follow. One of my favourites from Yelle. 'Tristesse' is a slow track with squechly snyths which morphs into the danc-ier 'Joie'. The TEPR track you'll all probably recognise without realising (and you probably guessed it was Justice :lol:).

Finally 'Paper Planes' is ace, even if its got indie-kids to do gunshot motions into the air now.

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Dusty Kid - Milk


Anybody got any pills?

I think I'd shit myself if this was played in the Arches.

Stars - Midnight Coward


Fresh, light and breezy. The kind of pop anthem that makes you wish you were at a gig with your arm around your girl.

Justin Timberlake - Lovestoned


Any song that starts off sounding like an episode of Scooby Doo is alright by me. But later, it's turned on its head with a bunch of other genres bolted on, reaching a sun-kissed zenith of cheesy joy. Easily one of the top pop tunes of '07.

M83 - The highest Journey


M83's new direction has the distinct odour of Gonzalez finally doing what he's been meaning to all these years. A brilliant close to a fantastic album.

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I didn't want to overwhelm people with loads of songs at once, so here's a few more. Expect some more tomorrow.

Smith n Hack - Falling Stars


Vocoder vocals, cosmic twinkles and a smooth Italo bassline: Music to drift through space to. I was initailly drawn to the flip side of the 12" - Space Warrior, a monster club tune which is nothing more than ridiculoous retro videogame sound effects and a big beat/bassline combo - but Falling Stars has a longer lasting appeal.

Smackos - Telecom Mountain Computer


"1985. A man decides to buy a computer. A dark and tragic story unfolds."

That was the album description for Smackos - Computer Day. The album is full of old synthesizer warmth, twisted electronics, dark melodies and weird and wonderful ethereal soundtracks.

Voyage - I Love You Dancer (Rune Lindbaek edit)


Disco! Not heard the original to know how altered this edit is, but either way it's a big fat slice of happy.

Roisin Murphy - Let Me Know


Tepr - Minuit Jacuzzi (datA remix)


Jimmy mentioned these 2 already but I'd already picked them out yesterday. Let Me Know is pure dance pop magic, and basically just a beefed up version of Tracy Weber's Sure Shot (a good thing). Tepr does sound like Justice, although I didn't know it actually was them. This brings back happy memories for me, dancing crazy under the stars at Sonar. I've quite liked most of DatA's stuff so far, one to watch in 2008 I reckon.

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Tepr does sound like Justice, although I didn't know it actually was them.

It's not, it's just me wording things really badly. TEPR, GrandMarnier and Yelle are kinda another incestuous french collective: producing, writing and remixing each others stuff. Suprised there hasn't been crossover between them and Ed Banger really.

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Deepchord Presents: Echospace - Sunset


'Sunset' stands out as powerful steamroller whose thrusting, bass-driven attack situates Echospace deep in the club. Produced using vintage analog gear only (Roland Space Echo, Echoplex, Korg tape delay, signal processors, noise generators, Sequential Circuits 8 bit samplers, analog synthesizers), the music's depths are so vast, one conceivably could plunge in and never reach bottom.

I recommend the FLAC.

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