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On 04/03/2020 at 22:52, Mortis said:

@michael working all 3 days demoing for asmodee - looking forward to it and hoping to get some gaming done afterwards. Might pack vinhos or Arkwright :)

I'd be up for playing either of those, it's been a while for both!

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Not wanting to be a party pooper but, Is going to a big room full of people and touching lots of stuff a good idea at the moment? 

You couldn’t pay me to attend a con of any flavour at present. 

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8 hours ago, Professor Rob said:


I'm only there at the weekend, but please don't let that change anything if you get enough people to play it tonight.

Saturday evening works for me - It’s open later so let’s me grab some grub after my shift and then get some decent gaming.

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I have ordered the Tales from the Loop RPG rule book, to run a game with mine and my friends’ kids over Skype, as something different to do in the coming weird weeks/months. 

Aside from Fighting Fantasy books, I’ve never played an RPG before. 

Aside from Heroquest, I’ve never DM’d anything before!


so it should be a learning experience for us all :-)

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Just done a couple of tests of our games on TTS for our Virtual World Tour. We're working with shops around the world to demo games to folks on Tabletop Simulator, then they get a code they can use to buy stuff direct from us (if they like the games, obviously). From that, 40% of the money goes to the store itself, as if they'd sold the game over the counter. We're kicking off on Wednesday in association with Fanboy 3 in Manchester. If you fancy joining in, let me know! 

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Ran a 4-household game of Escape the Dark Castle over google hangouts this evening.


MacGyver'd a phone attachment out of lego and gaffa tape, to attach to a camera tripod.


Needed two different gmail addresses, used my son's account and phone for the tripod, and my own for a laptop. Tripod view mainly for the dice we all had to roll against.


2 other households had the same game, so they had the custom dice, and could find the item cards when I told them what they were from the main deck I was drawing from.


Only one household didn't have the game, so the day before I sent them a photo of all the characters, they chose one, then I sent them a photo of all the sides of their character dice, so they could customise a regular dice.


Generally it went well, a little slow (took over 90 minutes, LOL), but it's something different for us and our kids to enjoy. I hammed up the reading of each chapter card, and kept my own tally of everyone's HP, etc.


And we won :-D

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Yeah, the only thing that Dark Castle really loses is the immediacy of the dice rolling – having to ask each household what they've rolled is a bit like the Eurovision scoring, but other than that it was some silly fun.

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:o :D


I hadn't even noticed that. Thank you for spotting it and letting me know. 


I can't even find the competition results! Where have they hidden it?:blush:


Found it. This is very exciting. The only thing better than a new board game is a new board game you didn't have to pay for.

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Kier Starmer to my knowledge isn’t a boardgamer, but there is a tenuous link between him and gaming. If anyone’s familiar with Esdevium/Asmodee games here’s the connection, taken from Boardgame Chat on Facebook...



If you know the history of the games business in the UK then you know about Esdevium Games. When Games Workshop pivoted away from games distribution to just selling its own products in the late 1980s, it left a vacuum that a number of companies scrambled to fill. One of them was Esdevium, originally a games shop in Aldershot. Its name sounds like something from a fantasy novel but was the result of a mis-heard phonecall: when the owners phoned Games Workshop to place an order they were asked for their business name, which was their names – S D and V M Steel – and the invoice came back addressed to ‘Esdevium’.


As the company grew Samuel and Valerie’s son Dan took the reins and ran it for most of the 1990s and 2000s. Esdevium worked hard to grow the industry and the market, backed a number of small companies that needed funds to expand, including an outfit known as Fantasy Flight Games, became one of the largest games distributors in Europe, and built a reputation as straight-dealing good people. Esdevium became part of the Asmodee group in 2010.


Dan wasn’t S D and V M’s only child: they also had a daughter, Helen. In the 1980s she was a member of London Greenpeace, which handed out ‘a few hundred’ copies of a leaflet accusing McDonalds of low pay, cruelty to animals and more. McDonalds sued, and Helen Steel (along with David Morris, who it’s worth saying is not the Dave Morris of White Dwarf and Dragon Warriors fame) decided to fight back.

The McLibel trial, as it’s known, began in 1990 and finally concluded, including an application to the European Court of Human Rights, in 2005. Steel and Morris were denied legal aid and could not afford to pay all their legal costs (they did pay £30,000 of their own money, against the several million pounds that McDonalds poured into the case), so they were dependent on lawyers who were prepared to work pro bono. One of these was Keir Starmer, who worked on the case over several years, first as a barrister and then as a QC when it went to Europe. And though they lost against McDonalds, they won against the government in the ECHR.


And that’s the link between the new leader of the Labour Party and the UK games industry.

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With another 3 weeks of lockdown I’ve decided I need a decent solo game to keep me from losing my marbles entirely. The whole gaming on table top sim etc is better than no gaming but I miss the physical interactivity. 
 I then went looking around online and somehow found myself chucking a chunk of change at Mage Knight Ultimate edition. 
 Tell me I’ve not just thrown my pocket money down the drain :)

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