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What happens in a meadow at dusk?

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Jesus fucking Christ.

I don't know who makes me more sick - Bastion acting like a 13 year old enjoying a hazy love wank, or the fucking haters.

Huckabees is decent, I enjoyed it, Life Aquatic is decent too. I heard Garden State was shit though, from Jonathon Ross.

Duncan doesn't like anything by the way, nothing. Actually he does, he likes people who dress smartly in brown, and bears.

Goatkeeper likes darts and living at home, everything else can fuck off.

The darts was fucking excellent today though wasn't it?

i think eternal sunshine is great, ACTUALLY. as is the Science of Sleep.

it's offensive to goaty to mention that film in the same breath as those others.

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I loved Darko, loved it when I first watched it and the story didn't make sense - still love it now even though I've heard the supposed reasoning behind it all and the references I missed out on. It's a film in which every scene was brilliant and memorable even if the overall storyline didn't make sense ...Which didn't matter so much since it was left in a vague open to interpret way.

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bastion's a fanny for going all quiet on Kiss Me Deadly. I know Ravern was a bit '???' about it, but he doesn't like anything which involves unfettered messiness.

Now that it's sat in my stomach for a while, I like it much more. I think the ending struck as more immediately cheap than strange, so that may have put me off. Yes, I think perhaps messy was the word that would describe my immediate response to the ending. It felt a little like Eraserhead - that he'd run out of money.

A couple of weeks on, though, and I can say it's excellent.

It's one of those films that has an air of confidence around its protagonist - like Get Carter. However, Mike Hammer just felt like a more nasty piece of work. Where Jack Carter is almost lovable and pleasurable, Hammer is this naily, rusty individual. He was much harder to like, and I think this was a great part of the film. There was no pissing about or entertaining people.

I find with well shot black and white films I remember scenes in colour, and with Kiss Me Deadly I do. It's a real treat of cinematography.

I think with films like Kiss Me Deadly, you can be overwhelmed a little by the ending. Sometimes an ending defines a film, but in this, like Caché, after a little while you zoom out of the ending, and the whole film comes into focus.

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I Heart Huckabees is a horribly smug and self satisfied 'comedy' with terrible and over-egged performances and from a director that foolishly believed his own hype. It reminds me a lot of Me You and Everyone We Know which was similarly self-congratulatory, wacky and bollocks.

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