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The "Punch Seabass in the Face" Cup


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Round 1

Baring 1134 - 0.5 harbey

Gambit 10 - 6 ASM

Goldbricker 7 - 4 sithlordx

mortis316uk 4 - 2 strawdonkey

pompey88 7 - 1 Pootle UK

scratch 3 - 9 hobo

Slotter 5 - 6 Tomox02

themomentbefore 0 - 8 SaintM

Quarter finals

Goldbricker 0 - 99 Gambit

mortis316uk 1 - 9 SaintM

hobo 9 - 3 Tomox02

Baring 6 - 5 pompey88

Semi finals

hobo v SaintM

Gambit v Baring


2 x 15 min legs

Away goals count double in event of a draw

If still even after both legs, the away player will host a 5 min game with penalties to emulate extra time.


Preferably your league team, but any club side if you want. You can chop and change if you wish.


Try to get the matches played ASAP please!

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