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The best games soundtrack ever

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Guest Ikachan's Fury Uncle

Hi, first post :wub:


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney



Command & Conquer

Streets of Rage II

Cave Story


Tetris GB

Super Mario World


(in no particular order)

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Castlevania IV

Gradius Gaiden

Gradius II


The only hardship - and the only reason I left Castlevania and Gradius out of my choices - is that the greatest tunes in them are spread across their respective series. I mean yeah, you're always going to find a Bloody Tears or a Vampire Killer in a Castlevania game (and deservedly so), but then each instalment has a handful of its own stone-cold classics, and I couldn't choose one over the others!

The greatest Castlevania soundtrack ever would be one game that includes:

Vampire Killer

Wicked Child

Heart of Fire

Bloody Tears

The Silence of Daylight


Clockwork Mansion

Theme of Simon

Clockwork Mansion


Sinking Old Sanctuary

Calling From Heaven

Cross A Fear

Opus 13


Dracula Castle

Marble Gallery

How awesome would that be?

Gradius as a series is just as littered with classics. From Gradius you've got Stage 1 and Stage 4, from Gofer you've got Burning Heat, Crystal World and Farewell, from Gradius III there's Prelude of Legend, Try To Star, Sand Storm and Cosmo Plant. From Fukkatsu there's Hydra and Demeter, from Gaiden there's Snowfield, Cemetary, and Crystal.

Gradius V is a bit different, as with a lot of more modern VGM the emphasis is on atmosphere rather than a punchy, memorable tune. Still, in its own way it's perhaps the most accomplished Gradius soundtrack yet. Stage 3 in particular is just amazing.

And we haven't even touched on Salamander, which is the equal of these two series on the quality front.

I ^_^ Konami Kukeiha Club.

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The Metroid Prime soundtracks are ill! Proper dark shit.

I'd go, in no order either;

Metroid Prime

Streets of Rage

All Klonoa

All Sonic (2 specifically)

All Mario (3 specifically)

Earthworm Jim (Hell yeah!)

All Zelda


Micky Mouse COI

Streetfighter II

Wonderboy 3

That's an awesome top 10.

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Surely nothing comes close to the first time you heard Luigi nervously whistling along with the soundtrack in Luigi Mansion?

That was covered in my "All Marios"...although I'm sure Luigi would argue it coming under that category.

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Good thread. In no order, I'd say...




God of War (1 & 2, amazed these haven't been mentioned yet)

Grim Fandango

Metroid Prime

Firetrack (old school BBC jobbie)


Shadow of the Colossus

Diablo 2

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1. Grim Fandango

2. Little Big Adventure 1

3. Little Big Adventure 2

4. Ninja Gaiden

5. Halo 1

6. Golden Eye

7. Jet Set Radio Future

8. Thief: Deadly Shadows

9. Zelda Ocarina of Time

10. Half-Life 1

Great list.

One that I think is great and hasn't been mentioned yet is the soundtrack to the original Unreal, especially the wonderful music after you step out of the prison ship. Lovely stuff...

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1. Lost Eden. PC/3DO/CDi The sound track is by Stephane Picq and it's my favourite.

2. Dune. ST/Amiga. Done by the same person as above.

3. Final Fantasy xx. PS1/PS2/others. Nobuo Uematsu stuff is brilliant.

4. Initial D :) FTW! (Beat of The Rising Sun...)

5. GTA Vice City (the 1980s one...!?)

6. Wipeout2097.

7. GTA3

8. ...TBD

9. ...TBD

10. ...TBD


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Majora's Mask (although it could just as easily be Ocarina, but MM just pips it i think)


Mega Man 2


Mario 64


Metroid Prime

Jet Set Radio

Castlevania IV

Super Mario Kart... especially the brilliant, shrill, mental-sounding Rainbow Road

If Galaxy lives up to its predecessors' standards I'll be annoying a lot of people with my humming over the next few weeks

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