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Good crisp bad crisp

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On 30/04/2018 at 15:19, tcharliel said:

Just had a bag of these:




Really flavoursome and surprisingly spicy. Recommended!


The Honey Mustard and Onion flavour are the best.


Good crisps:


M&S's Lime Salsa tortilla scoops - the nearest thing to the original version of Kettle Tortillas from the turn of the century.


Doritos Collisions Honey Glazed Ribs & Lemon Blast - I'm addicted to these. Much better than the shite 'Roulette' ones. Almost as good as the Cheeseburger flavour they put out a couple of years ago (which lost the 'vote' to Salsa flavour which was the very height of bullshit)


Actually I have to stop for a minute and talk about those Cheeseburger Doritos, mankind's ultimate triumph of food science. You could taste the gherkin. You could taste the American cheese. You could taste the sesame seeds of the bun. If you closed your eyes you could smell the plastic tray. It is genuinely mental that they were a limited time thing, unless they were costing 10 quid per bag to manufacture or something.


Pickled Onion Fish N Chips


Kettle Chips Chefs Signature - Gressingham Duck


This thread has made me want to go buy some Brannigans, truly the "every time you mention Deus Ex someone reinstalls it" of crisps.


Mostly disappointing crisps:


Pringles are pretty weak these days.

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On 27/05/2014 at 16:05, Professor Puzzles said:

Popchips barbeque flavour are incredible! Tangy, smoky, sweet, slightly fiery, omnomnomnom, get 'em in Tescos on sale for £1!


I just discovered these yesterday


I'm on my second bag now.



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