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The Gift Thread


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As I wait for Ep.2, Portal and TF2 to download, I've noticed that I now have "gifts" for HL2 and Ep.1. I'm guessing that Steam's found them on my PC already and figured that, since I bought the Orange Box, I now have two copies of HL2 and Ep.1. Anyway, this means that it's classed them as "gifts" which, from what I understand, means that I can give a "copy" of the game in question to a friend for them to download.

I'm not giving anything away just yet, as I might ask my brother if he wants Ep.1, but I'm wondering if a thread that kept track of forumites and their gifts would be of use... especially at present, when the Orange Box is out and about. People could post info about their gifts and I could keep a list of offers in this first post, updating them when used. What do you think?

HL2 from qazimod Sold to duffyma

HL2: Episode 1 from qazimod Sold to Sabes

HL2 from Percy Filth

HL2: Episode 1 from Percy Filth Sold to SeanR

HL2 from FAF

HL2: Episode 1 from FAF Sold to some random miscreant

HL2 from Rsdio

HL2: Episode 1 from Rsdio

HL2 from Dazza

HL2: Episode 1 from Dazza

HL2 from bastion

HL2: Episode 1 from bastion Sold to Tracer

HL2 from Goombus

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Right, I've offered these to everyone I know who has any interest in PC gaming, but they're all dirty pirate scum who've already got them they've already bought them or something. So PM me (with you're email address if you like) and post here to let others know, and I'll send either one or both (thats just HL2 and Episode 1) off to you soon. I think I just have to send a link with a code in it, and it downloads into Steam automatically for you.

Edit: Episode 1 gone now! HL 2 still available though.

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You can on Steam, but they're each priced in such a way that you might as well buy the whole Orange Box. Also this is a marketing ploy by Valve, spreading full free games by word-of-mouth and thus getting more customers hooked up to Steam. I suppose it would be more annoying if the OB wasn't so cheap. :blink:

Edit: Current Prices

Half-Life 2 - $19.95

Half-Life 2: Episode One - $9.95

Half-Life 2: Episode Two - $29.95

Portal - $19.95

Team Fortress 2 - $29.95


The Orange Box (inc. Peggle Extreme) - $49.95 (was $44.95 to Pre-order)

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Would love HL2 from you. Just got an Intel Mac so the world of steam has opened up via dual booting. Got a few games, but HL2 and HL2 Ep 1 would be great! (Short of pennies so can't grab the whole Orange Box)

Sent, though my Steam was a bit unresponsive. I hope it hasn't disappeared into the ether... :(

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