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Yeah so, my usual assortment of forum pals are being shite heads and going to bed. But I need validation! Nah, but im stuck, and i need peeps impute on what to do next, so without furthur ado...

Since I seam to be developing a taste of 80s synth based melancholy as of late, possibly more in line with 80's cheese based efforts then the modern, orchestrated constructs of today’s soundtracks, I’ve decided to go back underground, to the world of John Carpenter, Tangerine Dream, Brad Fidel and Harold Faltermeyer. Maybe even Vangelis. They, I believe captured the essence of a good background sound that should have lived on, past the great 80s/now divide. Its a sound which doesn’t drown out what’s on screen, but instead adds huge lumps of epic scale for massive damage, the only Modern film to succeed outside this is, in my opinion is Elliot Goldenthal with his soundtrack to HEAT, but even that borrowed heavily from the old greats.

It is my intention to bring back the same qualities of the 80s soundtracks, but give them a modern backdrop - of movies made up in my mind, to show more then anything that this particular sound need not be thought of as outdated or sinful to use in a modern film.

Here goes my first. At first it was going to be like something you might hear out of 24 (that’s actually another modern great I believe. Sean Callery makes use of superb amounts of synth, but amalgamates them perfectly with the backing of an orchestra. Just listen to Jack in the Limo from Season 1 for instance), but then I decided it would take the turn of something more out of Micheal Manns universe (the man is a god).

The end though is just pure 80s. If you've seen Manns "Thief", the finale from that was a bit of inspiration. Plus a bit of Grahams Theme by Michael Rubini from another of manns films, Manhunter – but I didn’t have quite enough of time to put in so many chord changes…NEED MOAR KEYBOARDS!

Anyway here it is



thanks for all your imput. :wub:

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