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Team Fortress 2 (360) - Thursdays 20:15


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I think I might drop out of tf2 thursdays and quit for good. I'm just not enjoying it anymore.

it hasn't been any fun at all the last few weeks. And tonight was probably the worst game I've ever had with forum members.

We can never get a decent balance of teams anymore. I don't know if it's an organisation problem, or people would argue about who is better than whom or whatever.

People's communication somehow seems to be getting worse to me?

and now i've got the pc version it's like... I can play a better version with decent people and more stuff, at like, any time.

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Although I agree, balancing teams is not our strong point by any means. And communication can be a bit poo as a result. At least wait until after next thursday (my last game whilst living on my own). The problem is how easy it is to settle into a rut, especially since there have been no changes for eaons. I admit to reguar;y feeling that way, but I don't have the PC version to turn to.

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The team balancing has been fucked for a while. In Dustbowl last night I asked for the teams to be aware of this and to be ready to shuffle if it was needed. Cue our team getting our arses handed to us for not two but three points. The whole idea of doing three points was to allow the balancing to happen before it was too late.

The next game was balanced the other way, and when someone suggested a swap late on I just thought 'nah, fuck them' as we'd been shafted by almost the same team on Dustbowl. Childish, but I think you'll agree it was understandable.

The standard of games we have comes in waves, early on in the year we were having a blast every week, things have taken a dip recently. We should try some custom games out to breathe a bit of life into it. Of course, Valve could take their fingers out of their arses and give us the patch we've been repeatedly promised.

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Admittedly I was on the winning team last night but I thought we had a few good battles, its hard to balance teams when you only have contact with your own. The team that was winning last night had less players so we would have been unable to switch over during a game.

Sorry to see you go chris

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It's hard to balance the teams when we're not totally sure of each regular's strengths and weaknesses. We all know how good a spy Mega Drive II is, or Evilwallpaper, etc, but I don't even know what my strength is (well, Pyro is my top class). It's a shame we can't see people's TF2 progress cards in the lobby, the ones you see during loading. Maybe we should all take a snap, I don't know.

I too own the PC version and know how you feel, Chris. You can jump on any time and enjoy a top game, even with randoms, tons of maps, all the updates. It's been said before but the 360 version has fallen way behind, not just because of the big changes but all the buffs and tweaks. It's a shame we can't all play on the PC.

I suggest another go at 2Fort with no Engineers or Scouts, those were always a blast.

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the winning team on dustbowl had more players. The other side, that I was on, also had warjackjak or whatever, who was obviously new to the game as he had no idea what he was doing.

Indeed. We were massively outgunned in that game and it's hard to understand why that wasn't obvious to the side with all the power. We ended the game with an extra player (having had him for about six minutes) but I couldn't even work out who had crossed over. We should have been given one of the big guns, and we should have been given him much much earlier.

The three best players were all on the bigger team and we had a noob. We got slaughtered.

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This'll be fun! Everyone post your stats! Mine:

That engineer 29 was from an early 2fort match last year, back when a level 3 sentry in the intel room was an impassable barrier. Headshots was done on the last cap on dustbowl, a few months ago (possibly longer), hanging back defending with a sniper. And backstabs was yesterday!

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One point about balancing the teams.

If we knew who was going to play, we could organise teams beforehand, probably getting a good balance. We'd improve as time went on. Some people don't give us an IN, they just join on the night. If we had solid INs by Wednesday morning, we could make the teams.

This would be a great improvement for the game. We can't properly implement it for next week, but we can tell the players who don't do it what our plan is for future weeks. I could do a spam PM for the lads on the list too, helping to push it forward.

Two Captains get to see the list on Wednesday morning and choose players, school football style. They can do it via MSN or whatever. If the teams aren't balanced, it's the Captain's fault. That's an acceptable middle ground.

As time goes on, this system would improve. We need a fresh breath of life.

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Whats position is everyone on the stats leaderboard ? I'm at 1987.

Its really quite annoying you cant filter to friends.

1632 Mega Drive II
1987 evilwallpaper
3623 davidB
4157 toonfool
4158 moonible
5635 tarules
6591 Gorxlor
11898 electricmaze
12467 HairOnFire
21387 Vimster

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Crikey, mine is 21387, that's definite fat-kid-last-to-be-picked material.

But hey, maybe in a decent team it will allow the lower-ranked players to improve as we'll have to work properly with the team, help us focus. I just hope it doesn't take the fun out of TF2 Thursdays; I certainly wouldn't want to be the dead weight in any team.

Have to add the only time I play TF2 on 360 is Thursdays, have done since about last July.

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