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Team Fortress 2 (360) - Thursdays 20:15


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That was braw and, for once, I played quite well (getting into the top 3 of my group) in most games.

Next week I'll be back to being shite, you mark my words.

You were annoyingly good last night. At one point when my son was playing, you killed him and he turned to me and said "I'm doing terrible", I told him he'd had a decent go at it, he said "But I got killed by Astilius!".

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Just had a doozy on Dustbowl. Last map, opposite team had about 3 sentries locking everyone at the first point (which had been captured). Managed to sneak past them as a spy to find the second cap covered by a soldier and demoman. Back stabbed the demoman and then played benny hill with the soldier, each chasing each other with a melee weapon out. After a few seconds I just went invisible and let him run around in circles. One backstab later and huzzah! Success was ours. Until I quit out during the defence mode because we had 3 spies on a team of 5 (I was an engineer).

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1) toonfool 2) the electricant 3) Tetchywayo 4) Vemsie 5) LisaSimpson45 6) Mechamonkey Mk2 7) Happy Bryan :ph34r: DesperateRich 9) ses1mf1 10) Astilius 11) del3k 12) Erasmus v1 13) enarep 14) Evilwallpaper 15) BrainKleaner 16) moonible 17) El Stev0 18) DVDF BeeJay 19) tarules 20) Dalvado 21) Wahwah UK 22) Gorxlor 23) BigCTheAnswer 24) Ste Pickford 25) Garwoofoo 26) Rooty the Pie 27) srgbilco 28) Retro GhostGS 29) Puck666 30) PalefaceX 31) wezlam 32) vimster 33) JDubYes 34) Joalics 35) Snowman 183 36) InvaderSpluge 37) DavidB 38) holburn 39) Mega Drive II 40) Paradiggum 41) HairOnFire 42) geldra 43) nequest 44) dolligan360 45) Digs75 46) Fistingskill 47) Throbin Hood 48) Brucie Bunta 49) Fr0sty88 50) utero2007 51) KYUSS123 52) JuicyPo 53) DannyB 81666 54) Big Gus73 55) Dr Alisdair 56) Couktwin 57) ymaohyd 58) CampfireBurning

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Good games chaps, as ever. Oddly, I was without a crosshair for the evening, which made aiming a bit hit and miss (ba-dum tish!). I checked the options, but couldn't find anything related to crosshairs that I might have inadvertently messed up. Anyone else had this?

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