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Team Fortress 2 (360) - Thursdays 20:15


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If you go to System -> Network Settings -> Test Xbox Live Connection on the 360 dashboard it'll tell you if your NAT is open, moderate or strict. If it's open you can play with anyone, if it's moderate you can play with people with an open or moderate NAT and if it's strict you can only play with people with an open NAT. So if your NAT is strict, and someone in last night's game had a moderate or strict NAT, that could explain why you couldn't get in.

If your NAT isn't open then google "Xbox 360 open NAT" and you should find a bunch of guides on how to open it.


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Signing-up for Thursday, 8:30pm. All welcome.

Reply in the thread and I'll put your name in bold.

1) toonfool 2) Mr Do 71 3) the electricant 4) Tetchywayo 5) Vemsie 6) Brucey Bunta 7) Hean Dog :rolleyes: LisaSimpson45 9) Mechamonkey Mk2 10) Happy Bryan 11) DesperateRich 12) Adam1986 13) ses1mf1 14) Astilius 15) del3k 16) Erasmus v1 17) enarep 18) Evilwallpaper 19) BrainKleaner 20) moonible 21) El Stev0 22) RetroPop 23) DVDF BeeJay 24) tarules 25) Suizid 26) dinsdale1973 27) Dalvado 28) Wahwah UK 29) Gorxlor 30) monkeyboyX 31) BigCTheAnswer 32) SwallowFM 33) Ste Pickford 34) Garwoofoo 35) tobert 36) Rooty the Pie 37) srgbilco 38) Retro GhostGS 39) Puck666 40) PalefaceX 41) wezlam 42) vimster 43) JDubYes 44) Joalics 45) Jonster 46) Snowman 183 47) InvaderSpluge 48) DavidB 49) The Eagle Lord 50) holburn 51) Mega Drive II 52) Paradiggum 53) HairOnFire 54) geldra 55) nequest

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I thought the custom game on Well was a success. The first defenders (us) lost the early points but had a thrilling five minute defence on the last point. Was great to just defend it and not have to try recapturing the previous point.

The second defenders did kind of miss out on the whole "don't leave the building with the trains in" rule. Even when not capturing our next point, they were leaving via the train doors and attacking us outside the building. I got the distinct impression that most people hadn't read the rules, which means the rules should be as simple as possible, so they can be said and understood in the lobby.

If I was to do Well again I would just have one team defending their last point as the others come to take it.

I'd like to try that on Granary, actually. I know it doesn't take advantage of the routes but it does allow one team the time to set up a strong defence.


Attackers are free to do whatever they can in order to win the map.

If sudden death arrives, the defenders have won. All deaths during sudden death are just for laughs.

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I really want to get into playing this game, but I'm scared I'll be an embarrassment to myself and those around me. Can I still join in? I'll even read a guide online or something before I start playing, as at least then I'll have some idea of what I'm supposed to be doing.

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