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Jean Claude Van Damme - The Epic


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Joblo.com first reported on this. It's apparently a teaser that was doing the rounds at Cannes, featuring Van Damme auditioning people to play him in a movie about his life. It's hard to know whether he's serious, this project is serious or anything can be serious ever again in the whole wide world.


We've been getting emails about a teaser getting passed around on the internet that shows Jean-Claude Van Damme trying to get a role in his own biopic.

What starts out as a simple audition, where many hopefuls are attempting to play Van Damme in a film called "JCVD," quickly becomes a mess, when the action star himself becomes interested in the project. I'm a little surprised by Van Damme and his ability to laugh at himself. The stuff about drugs and losing custody of his kids is priceless.

The word from JoBlo is that this teaser was actually put together to pass around the Cannes Film Festival and that the movie is in production with Luc Besson's company.

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There are a few. Hard Target rocks and this is a real classic of course:


Some of his DTV work is really solid as well.

I'll admit I did enjoy Bloodsport many years ago along with some of his other stuff. But I have trouble going backto any of it :angry:

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Yeah it caught my attention from the moment I saw that footage a year ago and it's nice to see it in a really shiny nicely crafted trailer. It's the kind of concept that could easily fall flat on it's arse though. Defo on the radar though

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