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Every Night Halo 3

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Ok, I'm up for more of this, I'm assuming rocket race is a must

Sunday Night Halo 3:






Evil Rock Kizza

ZOK 167


Sabr3wulf III

Lilman UK

Little Joe II

jonny cardboard

Ruddy Rochet


porko uk

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How do you play this online against random joes? I go into matchmaking and all I get is a message saying "Halo 3 site is unavailable" or someting or other.

I did manage to play a couple of sessions against some of the guys on here, after I got an invite, but got disconnected after the second game.

What's going on? :P

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We're having to restart games as it's all going tits up connection-wise after a few minutes. Maybe 16 on Rocket Race is a bit too much!

16 would be too many unless you force host to someone with a shit hot connection.

The maximum really to keep it lag free is 10, 12 at a push.

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What was really fun in that game - I stuck you with those spiky grenades three times, twice from beyond the grave. every time I could hear your exasperation through my speakers thanks to the proximity voice. :(

(Which in itself is a great feature.)

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