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Having now read the Edge Halo 3 review, I thought it that most of the text implied a 9 rather than a 10 score. For example, at one point it mentions that the weapon arsenal is not as tight as that of the first game... a very minor criticism, but I don't remember any of the other 10/10 reviews mentioning anything even slightly negative. It also describes the infamous Library-equivalent level as a plus!

Also, one of the screenshots in the review shows Ske7ch from Bungie. Woo.

As for the rest of the magazine: I haven't read N'Gai Croal's writing before, but he seems like an interesting columnist. Although I was hoping to see more from David Doak - mainly because of my GE/PD obsession, admittedly...

And Mr Biffo has upset me with his comment about Terry Pratchett. :lol: Fortunately he then he made up for it with his Sooty blog post. :)

They gave out two 10s in 1998.

Three, if you count the separate PAL and NTSC reviews of Gran Tursimo.

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