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Edge 181


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Halo 3 - 10

Metroid Prime 3 - 7

Project Gotham Racing 4 - 9

ET: Quake Wars - 8

Sega Rally - 7

Lair - 3

Stranglehold - 7

Skate - 8

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 - 7

Singstar - 8

Two Worlds - 4

GrimGrimoire - 7

Jam Sessions - 6

Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions - 9

World in Conflict - 8

Eternal Sonata - 7

Phoenix Wright 3 - 6

Sonic Rush Adventure - 5

Previews Rock Band, Orange Box

Time Extended - Metal Arms


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I bloody knew it was gonna get a 10. So does this mean The Orange box will be the next 10 then?

Its bound to be isnt it?

Thats nice for Bungie. Have Sub copies started arriving then? I eagerly await mine now.

So is that Metroid Score harsh then? Doesnt seem to match people on here's opinion of it.

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I usually bitch about Edge scores, but that's brilliant stuff, you really have to congratulate Bungie. I've only managed 6 hours on it, making slow progress on Heroic (I refused normal mode) so i don't know if it's accurate. But Bungie's edge CV is 10,9,10 in last 3 game scores. That's damn impressive.


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I can't say I'm surprised by the Halo 3 score - I'm not particularly far in but it's essentially an improvement on a formula they've already awarded the two highest accolades to, with an absolute deluge of additional content and the potential to very comfortably storm into the hot-button 'game 2.0' cadre.

Seems fair to me.

Also, I'm excited about PGR4 but I loved PGR3, which isn't a particularly popular opinion around here.

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I don't think many people will object to the 10/10 score, except those who dislike anything to do with FPS/space marines by default. What I've seen so far and judging by other people's reactions in the Halo 3 thread it seems to be pretty much flawless. Unlike Bioshock which got quite a beating even though it got hot reviews all over the place.

The most surprising scores are the relatively low marks for Prime 3 (which was supposed to be the ultimate console shooter with its alledgedly great contols) and Lair (as one of Sony's flagship titles). And I'm very happy with PGR4's 9/10 as I really like the series and didn't want it to be shit.

The rest I can't really argue with, even my personal favourite Phoenix Wright 3 only getting a 6 seems pretty fair as it doesn't do anything new, big or clever.

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The only thing interesting to me about PGR4 is the new Geometry Wars tucked away inside it...I mean how many times can we play the same old game (MSR, PGR, PGR2, PGR3..PGR4 now with weird motorbikes). Although i'm sure Stroker will give me 100 reasons why.

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Also, I'm excited about PGR4 but I loved PGR3, which isn't a particularly popular opinion around here.

PGR3 was great people just like to moan, which is what I'm about to do. BioShock an 8 and this a freaking 10! Did the scores get mixed up or something because this is a rather bland single player experience.

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