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All things Yakuza/Like a Dragon! - new games announced


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I think this series certainly deserves a thread of its own.

I loved the first game, like Shenmue with a decent fighting system. Unfortunately like Shenmue no one bought the first one. There's been no translation of the second yet.

Next one's Kenzan and judging from these screen shots it seems they've done more than simply ported it over from PS2. It looks like it could be seriously good. This better be coming to the West!



EDIT: New TGS trailer here

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Yakuza is one of my favourite games of the last five years. I know there was plenty wrong with it, but I loved every minute. The second was supposed to be even better, but alas, no-one bought the first so we'll never get it.

Here's hoping we get this, though it won't be the same without The Dragon of Dojima.

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For Yakuza 2 why the fuck was it not released here or have an English menu?

What the fuck is it about localization? Its beyond me why they just cant have a guy who can write English and Japanese to just write all the text at the same time and then just have an option to flip between the two.

If I can get a website running with seven different languages then anybody should be able to do this.

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As much as I currently dislike the PS3, a next gen version of Yakuza 1 would sell the system for me. Far, far more than 10 Metal Gears would. I'm not sure about this third one though, I like the setting in the first one. I guess a lot of it was to do with the nostalgia of when I travelled in Japan but that game got me hooked. What an amazing game it was.

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New details up at IGN.

Here's the voice actor list for Japan:

Kojiro Sasaki (voiced by Shouta Matsuda)

Nagayoshi Marume (Naoto Takenaka)

Itou, the bodyguard (Susumu Terajima)

The mysterious monk (Hiroki Matsukata)

Seijyurou Yoshioka (Masaya Kato)

Toji Gion (Takeshi Tsukamoto)

All very big names in Japan. Let's hope we get an option for subtitles this time.

Now you don't just learn new moves from training with a Master but also by witnessing events and even watching how animals move. Horseback archery looks a possiblity as well.





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Here's hoping Yak 1&2 get some kind of re-release in the future. Going round Don Quixote with that music playing is the nearest you can get to being in Tokyo without a long-haul flight.

See, now that's my problem with 3. Playing Yakuza was like walking around Tokyo, which made it great for me as it brought back memories and I could really get into the setting. I've never been to 16th century Japan so it's going to be a lot harder to get into now. Not that I don't like the setting in general, I just don't think I'll like it in THIS particular game.

It's still set to sell a PS3 to me though.

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Oh man, that's awesome! I like the fact that the main character's face looks very similar to the main guy in Yakuza too; perhaps he is a distant relation? :(

Well, it is said that the yakuza first appeared sometime during the Edo period, so this guy might be a distant relation and the very first yakuza in Japanese history. My Japanese is pretty poor, but I'll try to translate a part of the trailer, see if if that tells us more. Edit: Well, the guy has the same name as the one in the first Yakuza; Kazuma Kiryu.

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