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Streetfighter - The Legend of Chun-Li


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  • 3 months later...

my god this is bad.


3 massively different actresses playing chun li as she grows up. the 'chinese' seeming to grow out of her by tween age, and then slightly back for the kruek.

vega has a huuuge chin. and underneath the mask he isnt even good looking, whats the point in that.

spinning bird kick is laughable, find a body double who can do the splits instead.

and the worst of all, the finale

bisons big secret is smuggling his own daughter into the country?

nobody even knew he had a daughter, why didnt she just get on a plane? she didnt appear to be there against her will, and then chun li goes and kills her dad right in front of the poor child. seemingly forgetting how that made her feel just a few minutes earlier!

what a bitch

edit: and how are we pronouncing shadaloo these days?

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I watched it on Saturday.

I'm not surprised it didn't even feature in the cinemas here. It's pretty poor and cheesy. Though my wife noted that the lesbian lady is the wife of the richest man in Macau and the old lady who reads the scroll has a daughter who's a good martial artist (but probably considered too tall for the role of Chun Li).

To my mind, the only half decent casting was Balrog and probably the father (to a point). Good to see Robin Shou as Gen though he seems to have aged a lot since Mortal Kombat :)

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I watched it last night.

Kreuk spends the entire film walking like she has an 8 inch dildo slammed up her arse, i swear to god the boots she wears throughout the entire film are 2 sizes to big for her cos she just looks strange when she walks.

The nightclub scene where they were dancing was just one of the most wierd and awkward things i've ever seen, Kruek was just thrusting her hips, it was just strange.

Bison was brought up in Bangkok from when he was an infant yet he still has an Oirish accent.

Why didn't Bison just let the Police go mental when the ship came in, they'd all look like twats arresting him trying to do nothing but pick up his daughter.

Why did Nash suddenly start kissing that cop then say "It had to be done"

It was a shit film but also very wierd and a lot of strange things that just felt toally random going on, atleast i didn't hate it like i did Transformers 2.

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When does she do this move? I downloaded it and can't be bothered watching the whole thing.

During the wierd nightclub scene after she has that shitty fight in the toilet. Don't bother looking for it, her legs are at a 45 degree angle when she does it completely missing the guns she's meant to be hitting.

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So they still can't do a Street Fighter film where the actors actually perform the move properly? It's not as if the moves are anatomically impossible either, especially as a lot of the signature moves have been done in other non-Street Fighter films quite well.

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