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I love pendulum


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Yeah, the Droid's a fairly impeccable DJ. There's a whole ton of great stuff on the site actually...

But not the album:

We're suspending downloads of Naphta's Grande Illusions LP from September 1st 07. If you missed out, it will be available again at a later stage from The Fear website.

Sorry chaps, my mistake. I'll stick it up somewhere later.

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The thing that annoys me most about Pendulum is just how much they influence the rest of the big producers. Every massive tune has to have that trancey sing-song synth line now and the quick skip to 6/8 before going back to 4/4.

Totally agree with Don Rosco about the liquid stuff though, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

It's why I do like the nerdier dnb, the more complex stuff, the beat is never the same from one bar to the next, rather like a less bonkers Squarepusher. I've said on dnb threads before you can't beat Paradox, Seba and the like, and the harder end, they make the effort to keep the beat interesting whilst keeping it danceable. It might be a bit anal, noodly and technical for the people merely out for a dance but it's good to know someone is making the effort.

I do like the simplicity of TC though, although he's moved more towards the Pendulum epic sound of late and awy from the solid basslines and quality drums (you cold argue he's less of a Dillinja tribute act now).

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My Bitter Sweetness :wub:

Wow, that is good. When the strings come in around 4.00. :wub:

Has that been released officially? What's the rection been?

I've been at a music exhibition all day and there was a DJ stand nears ours playing that awful 'hardstyle' D'n'B and some guy scratching over it sub-Marky stylee. Depressing that the scene hasn't progressed in a good 5 or 6 years (if not 10).

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cyantific, dieselboy, ed rush and optical, technical itch, Usual Suspects, Stakka And Skynet

i could go on. you should be able to find all of these in the usual places

You missed Calibre(Musique Concrete his first album is wonderful) off that list and Marcus Intalex, whose Fabriclive CD is pretty f**kin awesome IMO.

I'm hearing good things about Calibre' latest LP too, no CD release yet though its called Shelflife.

Although it'll have Don Rosco spitting feathers as it's Liquid. :o But the good shit IMO. Oh and Thanks to Don for highlighting Naphta to me, very nice.

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