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Wow, didn't expect to see so much hate for the Washington video. The awfulness was very knowing and intentional. the fact that he was ridiculously far away from the landmarks he was describing and his utterly terrible descriptions amused me quite a bit.

The point of the "oval, like an egg" and other comments was the simple gag that everything looks vaguely like a rude body part but he totally sidesteps that issue in a terribly unsubtle manner, then we get to the Washington monument and he just goes "it looks like a.... cock-and-balls".

If the whole shctick left you completely unamused then fair enough, but I didn't get the impression that he was geuinely awkward and hated doing it. The stilted and half-asleep nature of the whole thing seemed to be the entire point of the bit for me.

It wasn't nearly as good as one of his reviews but I didn't think people would get this outraged over it.

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I wouldn't call it outrage. I'm not going to Oz with a pitchfork and a few dozen guys backing me up. It was just painful to watch, so much so that I couldn't.

Back to normal now. Now people should be outraged that he's slated a perfectly good game because that's all he's good at.

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What a load of shit, it's no different now than it's been for years re: ad blockers.

*** Tests something...

Goes to ZP with AdblockPlus enabled in FF - video will not load at all.

Disables ABP and restarts FF - video plays but buffers rather more than I'd expect

To check this...

Goes to BBC iPlayer in FF - video takes ages to buffer and pauses

Goes to BBC iPlayer in Chrome - plays first time, smoothly

Goes to ZP - plays first time, no buffering

**concludes - I think FF and Flash aren't getting on again...

Also - at one point The Escapist sandwiched an advert (for themselves) between their usual intro and the ZP video and if you had ABP enabled, you were stopped dead at that point...

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