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This week: Trunderworld


V. good this week, I thought ;)

I never played TR for the tits. It was always trying to chase after the buzz I got from the first game (which I only really got from Anniversary oddly enough.)

But TRunderworld. LOL

Those comments about the mud making it look like she needed to be wiped has pretty much spoilt the game for me as well.

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It was poor. Lucas seems intent on destroying yet another franchise by taking it well away from its original roots. End of.

Methinks you should rewatch the originals, this film was sticking to the roots. Perhaps being a silly action film is too much in these dark and gritty times we live in.

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The last Indy film was good, I wish people would get over the irrational Lucas hate.

It wasn't bad. It was better than Temple of Gloom.

The notion that George Lucas is intent on destroying the franchise is patently ridiculous, though. He obviously wants to make good movies, regardless of the result.


I lolled a bit at this week's, although he picked the easy observations. Also: the franchise is not really the same as it's always been since the beginning; it had a fairly major overhaul when CD took over.

Last week's awards thing felt a bit mean-spirited for the sake of it, probably 'cos it could have been funnier. Still, I'm entertained, and I actually really liked the lazy clipshow episode the week before, despite the lack of context.

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