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Rllmuk Great Safari Invitational - First Round: THE CUT!

Great Safari C.C - 18H / R

1. tyler -13 3960 (I)

2. Spleen -9 3434 (I)

3. Shoinan -8 3197 (N/I)

4. U-1 -7 3160 (I)

5. Spanx -6 3066 (I)

6. guage -4 2730 (I)

7. vcassano -4 2661 (I)

8. ryanski -3 2540 (N/I)


9. milko -3 2490 (I)

10. Scratch -2 2310 (N/I)

11. Soong -1 2290 (I)

12. Syntax +1 2084 (N)

13. Cassidy +4 1680 (N)

14. MikeP +5 2010 (N)


The final round is scheduled for 8:30pm tonight.

Those who have just missed the cut, keep your eye on the thread in case people can't make it. So say someone who's qualified drops out, the next in line would get a place in the final 8.

Milko misses out by 50pts! Unlucky. Scratch misses the cut for a second week but this time a little more narrowly. Time to see if I can lead from the front rather than being in the chasing pack throwing jibes...

bollox ;)

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Damn Syntax, what went wrong? :(

So I would've made the cut if I could've made tonights game. I'll play a round now to see how I might have done.

EDIT: Well erm, not good if that was anything to go by. I perform better under pressure anyway ;)

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It was never going to have the drama of the Masters but it was still an enjoyable final round. The main action became about 2nd place after I was -9 through 9H. Spanx and Spleen became the main contenders after U-1 and shoinan stalled. By the 18th Spanx was actually just one shot back but a bogey on the final hole and Spleen taking birdie made things look comfortable in the end. For me I thought it was going to be -13 again as that's been my score the previous three times on this course. It seems I took my eye off the ball though with a bogey at 17. I'll set a new record one day. Well played everyone.

Rllmuk Great Safari Invitational - Final Result | (First Round / Cut)

Great Safari C.C - 18H /R

Player | First Round | Second Round | Overall

1. tyler -13 3960 | -12 3608 | -25 7568 (I)

2. Spleen -9 3434 | -9 3173 | -18 6607 (I)

3. Spanx -6 3066 | -9 3126 | -15 6192 (I)

4. U-1 -7 3160 | -6 2800 | -13 5960 (I)

5. ryanski -3 2540 | -8 3130 | -11 5670 (I)

6. Shoinan -8 3197 | -3 2430 | -11 5627 (I)

7. guage -4 2730 | EVN 2160 | -4 4890 (I)

8. vcassano -4 2661 | +3 1740 | -1 4401 (I)


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my second safari round was reasonable i guess. everything was going ok, with 2 birdies in the first 9. thought i might get a new record, but 2 bogeys just at the end put me back to even. i hardly got a perfect contact the whole game though, so i was constantly fighting to keep pars.

good 18 on silver peaks too. got a new record, 6 better than my previous. i should have saved the replays of some of those putts though, they were magnificent. huge 10m rolling left and right by miles before dropping in. and then ruining them by getting bogeys on the next holes.

thats my second win ever... good stuff ^_^

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There seemed to be quite a few people in the past week saying they have just got the game, so in order for them to be able to join us I vote for Okinawa as well. Although they probably need to be made aware of this thread.

Milko I won't be able to play til after the football on thursday evening so if you can play about 10 or 10.30pm I'll join you.

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Sounds like Okinawa is the best bet. If it's going to be one of the first two to accommodate newcomers then that's probably more interesting.

Rllmuk Okinawa Open

-Two rounds of Okinawa Resort. Aggregate scores.

-First round to be played between Thursday and 6pm Sunday this week.

-Final round to be played on Sunday. Tee-off usually 7-8pm.

1. tyler

2. Spleen

3. milko

4. ryanski

5. guage

6. scratch

7. U-1

8. MikeP

9. spanx

10. Syntax

11. Xei

12. Meatball

13. shoinan

14. Vezna



Okinawa Resort

18 Holes

Regular Tee

Very slow timer

Novice characters only.

I'll suggest that for the final round on Sunday we use Okinawa Resort Long Tee Mirror but that's not for definite as new players (assuming they sign up) might not even have that unlocked.

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Yeah, everyone's welcome.

We tend to play the first round on a Thursday evening between 8pm and 10pm. If there's a lot of us we have two or more rooms which get decided nearer tee-off. If people can't play Thursday then it's fine to play the first round any time before Sunday evening but the earlier the better. You have to play with at least one other rllmuker and obviously make sure to set up the rules accordingly. Once all first round results are in there's a cut and the final eight play on Sunday night.

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