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Wolverine & The Wolverine Thread


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But the Wolverine Deadpool is really dull- he can't talk, whereas in the comics he's really mouthy as he was in Wolverine before he got Deadpool'd.

As far as Wolverine goes, I enjoyed it. Not a lot else I can say really; obviously a few holes and gripes but I'm a bit of a whore for pretty much anything Marvel films puts out.

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Yeah, it seems pretty clear that is 'Deadpool'.

They'll probably find some random get out clause like "My awesome healing factor got rid of all that nonce sense". Apparently Marvel Studios are going to be involved, so here's hoping that it turns out somewhat near the actual source material!

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I feel like I watched some straight-to-DVD thing from a bargain bin. Script, effects, acting - the whole thing was hopelessly clumsy.

Who thought it'd be a good idea to do a film about a guy with big knives sticking out of his hands that has less blood than your average episode of Murder She Wrote? I think the only blood you see at all

turns out to be fake!


I'm sure I remember a flashback shot in X-Men2 where he's covered in blood after the experiment, screaming and staring at his metal claws? In this film it's like he's just hopped out of the bath. Then a quick nude jog and he's straight into a sitcom 'broke ur sink LOL!'. Nice storytelling!

Plus - "I'm so cold..."

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Empire once reviewed GoldenEye ..... on N64.

Gave it two stars.

Said it was "an uninspired Doom clone".

Since then they've always been the Number 1 enemies of fun in my book.

It's pretty clear, and has been for years, that Empire's games reviewer(s) don't actually play the games they review.

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how did they get the mould in then?

In what?

There's no point asking specific questions, none of this was ever shown directly, so don't know.

Wolverine has metal blades because they gave him metal blades, using whatever methods they used. They covered his skeleton in adamantium (something only a super healer could survive), and obviously they covered his bone claws, and gave him shaped blades.

What's the source of the confusion?

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I never read the comics so have no idea on what should happen with each characters etc, but it also meant I struggled to keep up with who was who and what they did. Too many characters thrown at it, same as X3.

Decent film, but it's not in the same class as X1 & 2 for me. The special effects were laughable at times right enough, which isn't something I'd expect in a film of this scale. Way too many someone walking towards the camera with a massive explosion in the background shots too.

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"Kill that mutated box. Kill it!"

This (the film) was not as bad as I had expected. I thought it filled in the gaps in the immediate past pretty well. The physical stunt work was good, but the CGI was not good at all. Especially considering I saw Star Trek straight after seeing this.

The old couple were sweet in a Aunt May/Uncle Ben way and I had thought/hoped

they would live longer


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Went to see it today and was surprised to see the screen was packed so I can only assume it's still doing well. I thought it was a decent enough action flick, bit of a no brainer but miles better than X3. Overall I liked it and don't think it deserves anywhere near the amount of complaints it's received.

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Jackman Says Work on Wolverine 2 is Starting

Source: MTV

August 10, 2009

Hugh Jackman talked to MTV and confirmed that Wolverine 2 will take place in Japan.

"Japan is where we're heading, [and] we're starting to work on it now. We're in the ... first steps of developing that story," Jackman said about adapting Frank Miller and Chris Claremont's story arc.

He added: "I think the fans love that saga. It's my favorite saga of the Wolverine stories."

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I think I read that Wolverine in Japan saga by Claremont and Miller as a kid. It was the one with Kitty Pride and the ninjas and people getting stabbed with samurai swords, right? I loved those comics, although I was like 10 or something so I don't know how well they'll hold up today.

Imo, the second movie should be automatically 10 times better than the first, simply because the story is better and more focused (based on a single arc instead of trying to tell the whole convoluted mess that is Wolverine's origin in 100mins) and because the story only features Wolverine and Kitty Pride and a shitload of ninjas iirc, so no cramming at least 1483 random superheroes in each fucking scene.

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