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Muk Enters Karazhan!


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My brother can make that set, or are they BOP once crafted?

BoP and if I did spec tailoring, which is still possibly an option, I'd want to go for the mooncloth set as well. As I said in the previous post I've been healing in MUK for a long time so whilst I don't mind speccing shadow for the sake of raid balance I don't really want to be locked into a DPS role so crafting the shadow weave set isn't on the cards.

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If none of the priests don't actually want to spec into Shadow then I personally don't think they should.

I don't think I'm explaining myself very well. :o I'd like to try being a shadow priest (as I'm sure mort would) in a raid situation, I've done it in an instance with a MUK run in BM recently and topped the damage meters in my less than epic gear, however as far as crafting hard to make gear I'd still look to improve my healing over everything else.

Edit: I'm also in a bit of an Emo mood at the moment due to life outside of wow which is why my posts have the whiff of whine about them. ^_^

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I don't blame you not wanting to craft shit. Its so money and time consuming.

Maybe you could try get the best possible damage set from 5 mans? I'm sure you could get a more than average amount of plus damage from various 5 mans or and maybe some heroics.

Would losing one shackle hit us hard? I mean, apart from Moroes of course ^_^

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Having a shadow priest along would be totally imba if Cham is willing to make the switch. It’s at least a nice short term solution to our dizzying array of healing options.

Rotations will probably be needed sooner or later though for all the available roles.

We’re not really at the point of having farm nights (although hopefully Attumen, Moroes and Maiden will be like that tonight). When we do start farming stuff, then occasionally one or two of the regulars (especially people with no upgrades required) might choose to sit out so new people can experience the Kara goodness. Meanwhile the grizzled Kara veterans can hold back their energy (and expensive self-buffs!) for the progression nights.

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Having a shadow priest along would be totally imba if Cham is willing to make the switch.

We could give it a go tonight, assuming Chaun is on for healing at cost of someone losing their DPS spot ^_^ and see how well I can perform perhaps against the lesser bosses, if it doesn't work out I'll drop out for the rest of the weeks raiding and consider either trying to upgrade my DPS gear or respec back to healing.

This is of course not up to me.

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The first place I can think where a rogue would make a significant impact (utility wise, rather than imba dps wise) would be kicking Julianne’s big heal.

Melee and ranged dps are pretty much interchangeable for Attumen and Moroes. Melee dps is probably on balance unhelpful for the Maiden - they are always up so will lead to a quicker kill, but being in the consecrate and also chaining that Holy Wrath thingy she does puts significant extra strain on the over-stretched healers.

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Well I bought the chest recommended by the loot list and have a 5% hit stat now, with 5/5 Shadow focus that would leave me just 1% off the maximum effective hit. Only about 550 damage, however this is amplified by talents in the shadow tree and if Eva has the mats for some spell damage enchants I should break +600 easily enough.

Spec wise this is recommended on the forums:


But I wonder if it's worth losing mental agility for, the situational, silence.

If we definitely have three healers for tonight I'll go and respec in a bit and see if I can find a pug or two to practice my spell rotations.

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Sorry chaps, rllmuk is blocked at work nowadays :wacko:

The raid planner isnt (yet) and is up to date for tonight. Only 10 signed so no-one got bumped.

We bringeth the Tree!!

Cham if you can go shadow for a try that would be aceness, we can rotate the spec on a weekly or bi-weekly basis if you like? Whoevers turn it is that week gets the chance to /need on damage gear perhaps.

I think till we nail Kara a bit more and people get geared it would be nice if possible to have 2 shackles? Certainly not impossible without them by any means but its one less headache while we are learning and introducing people who havent been before.

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Horsey, Butler and Bitch face down.

Found that really hard work much more stressful than healing, shackling was starting to drive me mad and I came ill prepared macro wise*, this however was a life saver and meant I could do some damage in the final attempt on butler and subsequent shackling encounters.:

#showtooltip Shackle Undead


/clearfocus [button:2] [target=focus,dead] [target=focus,noexists]

/focus [target=focus,noexists]

/stopmacro [target=focus,noharm]

/cast [target=focus] Shackle Undead

Next lesson "How not to pull aggro 101".

*When I've been healing I do it all through grid so I could keep the shackle targeted, something you can't do obviously as DPS.

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Grats on the dps belt though Cham.

Thanks, I'll use it even if I go back to healing as it's better than what I was using for that too! I also got the OKish bracers from the Horsey.

I've been studying your sturdy Orc's gear and should be able to get http://armory.wow-europe.com/item-info.xml?i=28555 tonight, Chams never spent any of the shards as theres not really any heally type stuff to buy.

And I might buy the season 2 arena DPS shoulders as well. http://www.wowhead.com/?item=32037

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Steady, until the shackles I was struggling to keep up with you as it was!

I've got the DPS spreadsheet downloaded from EJ now. Fear my nub theory crafting!

Looks like I lose almost 60 DPS if I don't have your CoS, never leave me fatty! And I drop from being able to keep a perfect VT, SWP, MF rotation (recommended until you break the +1000 spell damage barrier) going from 74 mins to 20 mins, including mana pot abuse, I don't think that can be right......

My VT should be out putting 185/mp5 if I've read this correctly.

Warlock one can be found here if you want to crunch some numbers:


Taken from :


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CoS give +10% shadow dmg for 3 mins & ISB gives a further 20% shadow dmg for 10 secs everytime I get a SB crit.

I looked at the lock spreadsheet a while back and it utterly confused me. What I did learn from the EJ thread is that spell hit is uber and only to look at spell crit once I'm at the hit cap. In last nights run my normal bolts were hitting for around 2k and critting for around 4k (with subsequent bolts doing about 2200 a hit).

Zurgy really needs a new weapon. I'm not going to get a decent dmg boost until I get one.

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What I did learn from the EJ thread is that spell hit is uber and only to look at spell crit once I'm at the hit cap.

I've actually capped out on hit already, needed 76 hit rating as a SP it seems due to talents. Although I'll probably look to acquire more so I can move some of the precious talent points out of Shadow Focus and into more "fun" talents. Fully buffed last night I had 780 shadow damage, hopefully on our next run in Kara I'll stay alive long enough to make some use of it.

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