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Rllmuk Mix Club Anniversary Edition CD 2007


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This is mostly just a straight copy of Mr Do's thread from last year...

Well it's been another excellent year for the CD Mix Club, and the time for another Anniversary CD has arrived.

So as before, please select your favourite track from the past year's Mix CDs (From August 2006 - June 2007. If you can't remember the tracklisting from the CD, use search). Please keep this track secret though, and don't post it in this thread. When you've finally chosen your favourite track. Please send it to me at... rllmuk07 AT gmail DOT com, along with a few words why it's your choice. Also, who's mix CD it was from.

If for any reason you can't send me the track, get in touch with the person who sent you that mix CD. I'm sure they'll be happy to help out.

When I've finally got all the tracks, I'll sort out the best tracklisting and upload the songs. Then I'll start a separate thread, and I'll post everyone's choice words. Along with their chosen song. And we can discuss, and moan about my tracklisting.

I'll post a thread in the Creative folder in a while to see if someone wants to design a cool front/back sleeve design.

So for all those involved in the CD Mix Club, please reply here if you want in. We're running a bit late this year, so the deadline for choosing your tracks is 20th July 2007

In it to win it

David Heath track GET

goldbricker track GET


Mr Do track GET

noob track GET

acidbearboy track GET

larrydavidsanger track GET

MW Jimmy track GET

the anti-lfj

Wiper track GET

ZOK track GET

Vimster track GET

Exidor track GET

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I will post my chosen track tonight :(


I'm assuming the one from an email address that starts "jimmyy" is from MW Jimmy. If anyone wants to correct me, please do.

Nearly there - only three to go now. Any who haven't sent me tracks by midnight Friday, I'll go back through the mix club threads and pick something that you really hated, then make up a quote about how much you liked it.

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