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Coca-Cola with orange

El Pibe

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I hated it. Dirty Fanta summed it up perfectly.

Now Black Cherry Vanilla Coke - looking forward to that. I regularly get Coke Blak sent over from france - lovely stuff.

If you dont mind me asking, Where do you get it sent from in france and how much is it??

Coke w/ Orange is disgusting stuff cant believe this bought horrid tasting stuff out like this. Coke black cherry & vanilla is gorgeous tasting stuff and i cant believe they havent bought this out ok in the uk as yet!! I wrote to coke but got a disappointing reply but i may reply and ask why they bring out crappy coke wih orange and not black cherry!!!!

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Now Black Cherry Vanilla Coke - looking forward to that.

Why wait? Just pour a glass of regular Cherry Coke and then add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to it.

You get an ice cream float which has the same taste as Black Cherry Vanilla Coke.

As for the Coke with Orange, It's not too bad. Tastes decent.

It does give off a smell I'd attribute to being of orange-scented window cleaner mixed with Coke though.

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Yeah, that'll work. There's literally hundreds of varieties of soda available in the US that aren't available here. Apparently Jones are quite good, not that I'd know. Thankfully. I dread to think what a fat cunt I'd be if I had the variety they have at the prices they do. My heart is shaking just thinking about it.

I do want to try black cherry vanilla oh-so-much though. :angry:

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