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Wii in 1080p


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Sorry yeah, bad choice of term. I just meant, even the edges of the geometry look great. It almost looks as if it's really being rendered at that resolution.

Some quality scaling algorithms going on there, I guess.

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Zelda looks no better than on my CRT.

I bet your CRT is 32 inch max and quite lumbersome :(

If you want to enjoy a picture of that quality on a flat screen that big , then that upscaling from the pictures is doing a really good job. The pictures look v crisp.

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Thats the same tv and amp I have, it works really well.

Only problem is making sure that the tv processing is turned off and one to one pixel mapping it turned on. The picture you then get is amazing watched apocalypto the other night and was stunned.

Taking on board Johns point that its only upscaling, is true, but when you are playing zelda on a 46" screen you need the best upscaler you can.

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A surround sound receiver, with three component and three HDMI inputs that does upscaling?


Six hundred and thirty quid, though. I'm off to buy some scratch cards!

£630? That's really cheap. I mean, Choddo's upscaler is £1,000 on its own. Oh man, can people STOP posting lovely gadgets, I haven't got the willpower :D

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