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Miner Willy

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1 minute ago, Miner Willy said:

I'd like to see the data, because I don't think Medvedev is hitting his cross court rally backhand as hard as normal. 


Some really quite horrible shots from Djokovic at times here. 

I don’t think I’ve ever seen him hit as many unforced errors when he’s in control of the point.

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I think it may well be more physical than mental but this is certainly not what anyone expected, and it's currently looking like this last set could be a genuine embarrassment.

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2 minutes ago, Miner Willy said:

Agree - shocking stuff. Have your ever seen him look so mentally lost?


Surely done now.

not since 2011 or so.

Its that he’s not able to chase balls he’d normally chase - that last point in medvedevs service game, for example.

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34 minutes ago, hmm said:

Medvedev securing himself a lifetime's supply of free copies of FIFA there.


$2.5m prize money = £1,806,512.50


That's enough to go to CeX and buy 3,613,025 copies of PS4 FIFA 17! :o

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Discussion of GOAT 🐐 has obviously been deferred for now, but how do you factor in rule changes (for one thing)?


1970 ladies Wimbledon final

BJK lost to Margaret Court 12-14, 9-11, over a gruelling 2 hours and 27 minutes, with both players carrying injuries into the match.

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