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Nintendo Sex Education Video.

Lothar Hex

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Hmmm... fake, yes?


I don't think Nintendo'd hire a cheesy 80s actor to do Luigi's voice-over, or use blurry Boos to symbolize spermatozoids :(

And Mario going : "Hey paysano, what's up?" Talk about dubious stereotyping...

Luigi's voice had me rofling as well...

And; "Luigi? What's that?" "Yeah, what ís that?!" :angry:

Also, check out Luigi's deadpan look when he explains about puberty changes... What a spagghetti pile of informazione

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I loved the video it's linked to - 'Princess Peach is a whore'.

"Here, have some come. My, you're thirsty!"

One of the vids that that one links to is 'You know what they say,' had me laughing for fucking ages.

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