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PES 2008 / Winning Eleven 11


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I thought the "first touch" thing on the right stick kinda allowed for this in FIFA 06.

It does to an extent (and is quite good, PES should take note) but once you've "first touched" it, you can't do it again to any great degree. I've just had a go of the FIFA 08 demo, using the right stick whilst sprinting has roughly the same effect as double tapping the direction you're dribbling whilst sprinting in PES, which only nudges it about a yard or two further. There's no hefty knock into space so you can run flat out.

Agbonlahor was doing it too on Sunday against Chelsea. I've been thinking about dribbling methods a lot, so I'm noticing it in real life a lot more.

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Actually, if you run onto a ball and hold the run button down while pressing the direction you want to run in twice, it knocks it forward for you to run on.

Yes, but not anywhere near far enough. It's an extra yard or two, not ten or more. If you've got space ahead, you want to use it.

Plus, the double tap is rather fiddly, especially with diagonal movement. It seems odd to me that such basic control of the ball is ignored.

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I'm guessing you could achive the 'tap ahead' move with a short analogue pass. Not ideal by any means (and indeed perhaps not very practical), but I think you could do it.

The problem with that would seem to be that the player undergoes the pass animation, thus negating any benefit from knocking it on in the first place as he slows down.

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Following the announcement of Cristiano Ronaldo as the European face of the new game, Konami has also extended the number of officially licensed national and club teams in the game. PES 2008 will boast more licenses than ever before, with Brazil, Portugal, Greece, Scotland and Ireland amongst the new officially licensed National teams on offer. Similarly, the roster of licensed club teams has also been bolstered, with Newcastle, Tottenham, RSC Anderlecht, HJK Helsinki, IFK Goteborg, Panathinaicos, Spartak Moscow, Fenerbache, NK Dinamo Zagreb and FC Basel amongst those added to the ranks.

The new licensed club sides join the likes of Juventus Turin, AC Milan, Celtic, Porto and more, and demonstrate Konami’s commitment to adding the world’s greatest teams to what is regarded as the most realistic football game for any system. The new teams also combine to ensure PES 2008 has over 3000 licensed players realistically replicated within the game, and over 250 teams.

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