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Is anyone still playing? I'm having terrible trouble getting into games.

I think I'm done with it now. I've rinsed it since release and I'm now left feeling a little burnt out. I've stuck it up in the trading folder and will probably vacate to Vegas (which I didn't have the time to play on release) or just wait for Halo 3. I'll probably pick Shadowrun up again if they release some new maps or something but as things stand I just can't be arsed anymore. It was great while it lasted, though.

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NECRO BUMP! We're actually getting a proper Shadowrun Online. Apparently it was kickstarted back in 2012, but I had somehow never heard of it!


"Cliffhanger Productions has announced a Steam Early Access release date for Shadowrun Online, the successfully crowdfunded MMO set in the magic-meets-technology setting ofShadowrun. Launching on March 31, the game will begin by offering up core combat mechanics, while adding new modes, abilities and functions every 4-6 weeks. "

Launching in early access form in 4 days with a combat-focussed prologue to the main game. I'll wait for the full release, but am 100% on board! Best of all it's coming to android, ouya and all that jazz so pretty much any PC will be able to play it I'm sure.

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