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the anti-lfj

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It always goes quiet in the summer.

PMs are delayed because I had to take mrs lfj to hospital tonight to check our baby wasn't about to be born 10 weeks early. They're both okay and the PM send will be tomorrow!

glad to hear mrs lfj and mini lfj are ok.


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I got mine, and it's going to be a horrible disaster.


Actually, the one I've got is somebody I've been hoping to get for a while, but it couldn't have come at a worse time - my current mix (which I'm quite happy with) is pretty much completely incompatible with them, so I'm going to have to start from scratch. Still, should be fun, and it does mean that I won't have to fret about next month's mix :o

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I'd quite like a tracklisting from my sender please.

I've listened to it quite a few times now and will post feedback this week, but it would be nice to know what I am listening to from this point.

(It's ace, by the way).

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Tracklisting for David Heath: June Mix Club - Themes from a Discotheque

Samanthu Fu - Theme from Discotheque

Combichrist - Give Head If You Got It

Terrorfakt - The Fine Art Of Killing Yourself

Kiew - DCdisk (DD version)

Northborne - The Pill

Pow(d)erpussy - Cryogenicpussylover

Amduscia - Fucking flesh (raw mix)

Stromkern - Stand Up

Covenant - Ritual Noise

Rotersand - Electronic World Transmission (SITD reconstruction)

Brudershaft - Forever (Original Club mix)

Plastic - Black Colours

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'twas me. Apologies if the concept was a bit poncy, but I'm like that.

Er, anyway, tracklisting:

01 - Hello - Gay Against You (the only track to actually have its given name)

02 - Cold Comfort - Cold Storage (from Wipeout)

03 - Sleeper in Metropolis - Anne Clark

04 - The Past Is A Grotesque Animal - Of Montreal

05 - Gamera - Tortoise

06 - By Your Side - CocoRosie

07 - Assisse - Camille

08 - Eight Steps - Electrelane

09 - Unknown - Unknown (possibly Tetsuya Mizuguchi - this is the credits music from Rez)

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Many thanks for the tracklisting, idespair; here's my track-by-track analysis:

Samanthu Fu - Theme From Discotheque

As an opening track this is superb - the split-second that bassline reveals itself you just know this is going to be a favourite. I love the voiceover as well. Perfect length, high in energy and satisfying enough to result in the volume being turned up regardless of how loud you started playing it at.

Combichrist - Give Head If You Got It

This could also have been the first track in my opinion; very similar in terms of sound and equally high in raw energy. The beat and bassline really drive this forward and the vocals are fantastic. It's all about the kick drum.

Terrorfakt - The Fine Art Of Killing Yourself

This is genius; it's as if someone has programmed the drums, rendered it in about 4 Bits, recorded it to a cassette tape, played it back through the tape player

into a microphone and then added the vocal sample at the end using the same technique. Fast-paced and satisfying, but fucking mental.

Kiew - DCdisk (DD Version)

This continues the theme excellently. Really, really impressive in terms of track arrangement - it feels absolutely perfect after the Terrorfakt track. The synths which drop in momentarily after a couple of minutes add a very eerie layer to proceedings, and again, the voiceovers are ace.

Northborne - The Pill

Despite the twanging kick drum and the reasonably fast pace, this still feels like a small respite after the opening four tracks. The opening minute gives you just enough time to catch your breath before the frankly awesome stabbing synth-like noises make an appearance. After listening to the CD a few times I noticed that the voiceovers on the tracks kind of add to the experience in a way that makes the listener think they are under some kind of drug-induced spell. The music flows over everything, but every now and then you get snippets of conversation and noise outside of the music that remind you that you aren't floating on the stars somewhere in the Andromeda galaxy - you are in fact in a nightclub in Hull surrounded by wankers with no shirts on. This actually adds to the sound you've created here.

Pow(d)erpussy - Cryogenicpussylover

What can I say? The unbroken chain of relentless electronic dance continues in similar fashion. It really is hard to comment individually on tracks on this CD because they all flow together so beautifully.

Amduscia - Fucking Flesh (Raw Mix)

This is fucking ace. The melody reminds me of some old-school hardcore/rave track which I can't place, but which still holds fond memories for me drinking at house parties when I was much younger and all the agro that goes with that. Do you know what I'm thinking of? DJ Quiksilver or something, maybe?

Stromkern - Stand Up

This is the first track that for me kind of breaks the flow of the CD. It's still a good track (kind of reminds me of the Stereo MCs a little) but I consider it equivalent to the changing of DJs in a club just after you tune yourself into the set. That was a little annoying, but as I say, I do like the track - just not as much as the previous stuff.

Covenant - Ritual Noise

This goes well after the last track, but to be honest at this point I am usually still on my 'comedown' from the first seven songs.

Rotersand - Electronic World Transmission (SITD Reconstruction)

Again, this follows on well from the Covenant track. I found it went on for a little too long overall, but the synths are very nice. Its almost as if the drugs have worn off from the earlier tracks and the minimal vocal snippets which littered the tracks have now revealed themselves to be full blown vocal sections. Like a veil has been lifted and the real music is showing itself rather than the music my warped imagination had turned it into. I'm probably doing a really bad job of describing this.

Brudershaft - Forever (Original Club Mix)

Again, flows very well, but I found this one a little more forgettable than the others if I'm being honest. Seems like more of a bridge track for the DJ to me, although maybe I'm being a little harsh there.

Plastic - Black Colours

This peaked my interest. I was hoping you were going to select something good for the end of the CD, and the drums alone on this are enough to satisfy. When the track shifts up a couple of pitches it breathes even more life into it, as well. Very good.

There you go; overall I thought the product was fantastic. As I mentioned, I felt as though it were split into two sections; as I call 'On Drugs' and 'After Comedown'. I very much preferred the first section by a long way, but thats not to say I didn't enjoy the second section. I just usually end up finding 'proper' vocals on this kind of music very much cliche ridden and embarrasing. That said, even if you'd only given me the first section I'd have been happy - I reckon those tracks will be on my 'going out' playlist for a long, long time. Many, many thanks for sending me a CD which I not only enjoyed immensely, but which also flowed exceptionally well, and of which I had never heard of a single artist from. Kudos for that.

That said: I would love to come to one of your house parties.

: )

Cheers dude.

PS My recipient should have their CD by now.

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Thanks very much for the kind words - rather than annoy everyone by reposting everything you've written I'll just add my thoughts by the track names. I hadn't really noticed until now, but with only an exception or two the CD is taken from the line-ups of the last two Infest festivals, which cater to the EBM/Industrial/Noise scene. Bank holiday weekend in Bradford, split over three nights.

Samanthu Fu - Theme From Discotheque - I first heard this at an all-nighter in London about 5 years ago and it took me ages to track down. It's actually Soulwax/2 many DJ's. It's a great track that made the move up to Newcastle with me, and then was played to death at the club I go to after I introduced it to the DJ there. Luckily his night has now died.

Combichrist - Give Head If You Got It - I love this track - from the schoolyard sample to the bits about teenage sluts and feminist c*nts, it's pure genius. The guy behind it produces a vast amount of hard-electro under various guises, but always in band form which leads to some amazing live gigs. It's taken from an album called What the fuck is wrong with you people?, which is well worth the listen.

Terrorfakt - The Fine Art Of Killing Yourself - It was very probably recorded exactly the way you described. My wife loves this, and I like the track solus though find it really hard to listen to an album's worth of Terrorfakt.

Kiew - DCdisk (DD Version) - Another great track, recommended by a friend who DJs in Leeds. I keep meaning to find some more of their stuff. I thought the sample taken from a German Dreamcast disk was especially appropriate to the forum. Typical way of making anything sound more industrial? Say it in German.

Northborne - The Pill - I like the way that most of the synths sound like they've been detuned. It really threw me at first, and your drug metaphor sums it up better than I ever could. Luckily, however, I've never been to a nightclub in Hull.

Pow(d)erpussy - Cryogenicpussylover - Not a favourite of mine, but it kept up the pace I was going for. By all accounts, they're very good live though I missed them at Infest last year as I'm fairly sure I couldn't move at the time.

Amduscia - Fucking Flesh (Raw Mix) - Can't name the track you're looking for, but I've probably danced to it at some point. Amduscia are Mexican, and part of the same industrial scene as Hocico - what is occasionally now (horribly) labelled Hellectro. Fantastic track, and the lyrics are pure filth.

Stromkern - Stand Up - I put this CD together in about 20 minutes before work one morning, and I think I got to this point and panicked that I might have made it almost unlistenable. I'd noticed you liked electronica from your last.fm, but worried that a full CD of the hard stuff would be too much. It does break the flow, as I made a conscious move from hard to soft EBM. Still, it's good to dance to and they were apparently very good at Infest last year (I had to leave early to get the train to work. After not sleeping for almost three days. That's a story for another thread.)

Covenant - Ritual Noise - I like it, and Covenant have been around forever on the EBM scene. Melodic, and not as tiring to dance to. I admit that it's a bit flat after the first seven songs.

Rotersand - Electronic World Transmission (SITD Reconstruction) - Although they've been around about four years, I only got into Rotersand at last years Infest when they headlined. I'd had an appalling headache, took something to help with the pain and spent their whole set sat at the back unable to stand but loving the music. My wife and her friend spent the whole set stood at the front screaming 'Bobbins'. The mix is about 3 mins longer than the original track, so that might have held your attention better.

Brudershaft - Forever (Original Club Mix) - When I listened back to the mix I regretted putting this on. It was released as a charity track (after the writers father died of Cancer) featuring artists from two huge scene bands, but its far more trite than I remember it being. I really like the bridge when almost all the tune drops out for the whispered section, but it goes on too long. Once again, the shorter mix may have been preferable.

Plastic - Black Colours - Since I'd brought the whole mix down, I needed something melodic to finish with, and I really like this track. Plastic played at the first Infest I went to, which was in the middle of a period of huge change in my life, so I'll always love the band even though a lot of people wrote them off as a VNV Nation copy. They finished their set with a storming cover of Lasgo's Something, which was huge in the charts at the time. Still brings a smile to my face, remembering a room full of image-obsessed cybergoths going mad to a chart tune at about 7pm on a Saturday.

I'm glad you enjoyed the CD, and following your comments I really should have stuck to my guns and delivered a full set of dancefloor stormers. That said, the track listing showcases either side of the 'cyber' scene, with most people coming down on one side or the other in terms of preference. The softer end of the spectrum owes a huge debt to the eighties, coming as it does from a mix of Erasure, Depeche Mode and Sisters of Mercy, rather than Skinny Puppy and Throbbing Gristle. Either way, you're quite right that drugs are usually involved.

If you're ever in Newcastle, you're welcome to come to a house party - I'd send pictures of the last one, but they could probably be used against me in a court of law :lol:

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