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CD Mix Club June

the anti-lfj

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Current non-senders from May are Mitchell and bruised_blood.

All of you guys risk suspension for June if you don't get a CD out by this month's deadline

Deadline for this month is the morning of Friday 8th June with PM's hopefully being sent out that evening. If you're joining in for the first time, please PM me your details when you sign up.

July will again a month off for the mix club and marks the 3 year anniversary of the whole deal. Again much like last year it would be great if somebody could organise an anniversary CD (for previous years see 2005 curated by Acidbearboy and 2006 curated by Mr Do) I'll leave it amongst you lot to decide.

The usual rules still apply with a couple of tweaks:

- only send one CD for feedback. "Bonus" discs are not banned but please label them clearly as such

- you must give a minimum level of feedback (acknowledge receipt and say if you liked the music or not)

Let's go!





Boozy the Clown

Rowan Morrison

David Heath


Guitar Heroine






Mr Do


Roboplegic Wrongcock








Full Info Thread

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[edit] I had a PM from Bruised_Blood earlier in the month apologising for the lack of CD thus far and that he's been unable to get one out due to something or other (can't remember now, memory like a sieve). I have faith it's going to arrive.

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I'm in again, though I don't appear to have received anything for May yet (maybe my sender's one of the people about to send out). I don't mind, I've got plenty of other things to be getting on with.

Edit: Ah, I just saw the sending order in the other thread. I'm not pressing charges or anything.

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:( Yes noobie hun, but it lasted from Monday night all the way till Thursday morning :) Me blokey said he had no idea I was so drunk as I was perfectly co-herent (get that JP :() and I wasnt swaying or slurring and held a perfectly decent convo. Although I was a bit louder than normal but only thought I was a bit merry hahahah and he did find me collapsed on the bathroom floor trying to get my boots off

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Not too many people this month.


It always goes quiet in the summer.

PMs are delayed because I had to take mrs lfj to hospital tonight to check our baby wasn't about to be born 10 weeks early. They're both okay and the PM send will be tomorrow!

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