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Argh. I've just clean installed my PC, and I can't seem to get my backed-up SC game recognised. I don't want to have to start again :lol:

Possibly just a different patch level? Make sure you are at the same patch level you were before.

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After finally completing the Starcraft campaign, and getting about halfway through the Protoss episode of Brood War, I decided it was time to have a go online. I knew I'd get slaughtered, but I hoped I'd at least die in an amusing way...

My first game, as Protoss, put me with a couple of other teammates, and thanks to them I was ignored for long enough to build a reasonably sized base. So I survived for a lot longer than I expected and actually succeeded in killing three enemy marines with one zealot, woo! :)


My second game was a 1v1, and it proves the importance of scouting around early on. If you don't... you end up with enemy photon cannons inside your base. Hence the file name. :o


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