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Atari Jaguar


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  • 4 weeks later...

Jaaaaag, £50 collect from Islington 



kind of a weird way to photograph it for sale though.






ah, can you hear that sound? There, in the distance?

That’s the sound of my caution alarm.


If anyone wants to buy this you can use a jag or MD1 power supply to test it. (9 volts DC 1.2 Amps. Negative center) You also need a game cart.


I wonder if the seller is on the forum?

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  • 1 month later...

I don’t think I’d have been disappointed in a Jag back in the day, it had that next gen 2D vibe, some absolute killer FPS in Castle of Wolfenstein, Doom and Alien v Predator. Tempest 2000, Rayman and more. Even when it died it continued getting releases by small devs right into the new millennium and carried a small but passionate following. Think if Atari were not dead on their knees the Jag could have done well. Even a $150m injection by SEGA and free use of their IPs could postpone their fate. There’s probably an alternative universe somewhere where the Jaguar has the only 32bit next gen Sonic running on it. 

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18 minutes ago, Count Buffalos said:

Believe me, the Jag was disappointing back in the day and AvP was awful even on release. 


Launch day with T2k is up there with the best launches ever…..I have epic memories of playing that in my college years, I’d take a Jag with T2k over a PS3 with any/all of the exclusives ;) (Jag has a better pad as we know)


I mean the rest of it was shite albeit I recall have some fun with a few other games but nothing that stands out all these years later

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