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On 02/05/2021 at 09:55, Stanley said:

Prince’s passing still remains a mystery to me, like he appeared entirely healthy and an overdose just sounds like suicide, but there seems to be no conversation surrounding it. So sad. 

I think his apparent health was a bit of an illusion. He had hip surgery years back and was in pain from that. It was clear in the 2007 o2 shows he didn’t dance that much (and only in short bursts) compared to in the past. At the 2014 London shows I thought he looked a bit rough close up (and from some of his lighting choices I think he did too) but I put it down to aging. He’s an old stager, very good at concealing stuff from an audience. I was a bit surprised he was addicted to pain meds, given how outspoken he was about things like that, but given the opioid epidemic it’s not unusual, and Prince was very good at compartmentalising his life and controlling the people around him, so of course he was able to service his addiction. 

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On 30/07/2021 at 23:16, loathsomeleopard said:

Yeah, that UK price is insane - my copy was (after conversion) about 100 quid, which is (frankly) still too much, but I’m viewing it as my Sydney-in-lockdown-not-doing-anything-treat. 


What is the Blu-Ray like?

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There seems to be a lot of stuff persisting on YouTube these days - are they not aggressively taking it all down any more?


Also, when are we going to get more vintage vault stuff? Surely they aren’t just going to skip over Parade? 

(Actually right now I’m really hankering for a decent copy of Open Book, but that should have gone on the Originals CD and it didn’t. Wonder if there will be an Originals vol. II)

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