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Best Eve videos

Gorf King

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Well...none of my corpies have done it do far, so I'm going to nick the opportunity to get a thread going on this.

The best Eve video I've seen is probably The Day of Darkness, based on an exceedingly slight Eve Chronicle. Although all of the footage is taken in game, the author's use of the ingame camera and his editing and production skills really make this work brilliantly. The fact that I also love those never-say-die Matari pilots and their insane little ships just rounds it off for me (I guess none of these vids work so well if you don't instantly get a thrill of recognition from the craft and their respective capabilities).

Anyway, thanks to Xt for posting that on the corp forum. My fave Eve video to date, I reckon.

Of course, there are many others, of different types. Eve's visuals, its backstory and its general dynamics make great source material for a range of different treatments (it's a pity most vids simply show some quick GUI-laden combat that's only of interest to people who know the ship mechanics well and accordingly appreciate what's going on - but they can be great in that way, too. It's just a pity the cinematic potential of the game's not mined enough).

So...post your faves here. I'm sure there are plenty playing the game that haven't seen half of 'the best'.

Including me.

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I absolutely love The Day of Darkness, it's a really brilliant piece of camera and editing work. It also features lasers which are inherently awesome.

Plenty of lovely looking T2 ships too. Is it the Wolf with the little fancy wings? The Amarr ones look pretty neat too with the whole red and gold thing going on.

Anyway, it's a bit obvious but I really love the last three official eve videos. There doesn't seem to be any particularly nice way of linking them up, but they're here, i.e. Revelations, No Other Destiny and Eve Never Fades. Really slick, mainly using in-game graphics, and lots of gratuitous formation flying in fancy spaceships (also more lasers). Some of the best promo stuff I've seen for any game.

I have a bit of a soft spot for this little youtube video where a Raven left AFK at a planet in 0.0 is toyed with, although it's mainly because of the classy podding at the end.

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Ah this is what I get for saying I'm gonna do something and putting it off, anyways my personal fave EVE videos are the Minmitard series by Phalen Lore.

There are four so far but the first one is still my fave; http://myeve.eve-online.com/ingameboard.as...threadID=421362, why do I like it so much, well despite the fact that Mr Lore is a pirate you have to admire his skill, often flying tech 1 ships his piloting is simply awesome!

This video made me train for a rifter after seeing it and there is a bit where he flys an interdictor (a Tech 2 ship that prevents people from warping away in space) which is fantastic!

The videos graduate to him taking part in the big war that currently happening in EVE that of Bob vs Rest of the world, so they show all levels of combat from 1 v 1's to fleet engagements.

Here is the thread with all the videos listed; http://www.eve-search.com/index.dxd?thread=491214#6506681

Edit- After wartching the 'Day of Darkness Vid' which is simply cinematic in its presentations these vids do conform to the GUI-laden in game combat theme, but they are still entertaining all the same.

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Videos like that kinda make me wish that you could fly manually. Sure on BS and stuff it would be pretty null and void but with inties it would make it so much easier to pull off manoevures.

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I'd like to second the Minmatard recommendations. I often have difficulty following what's happening in in-game footage but this is pretty decent stuff. Not being a Minnie pilot I have no idea if what he does is the norm but I've been pretty impressed and I've tried to pay more attention to manually flying rather than just missile / drone spamming and hoping for the best.

I have got some other recommendations but I'll have to link them later. Try and catch Lock'n'Load for impressive Minnie action and Wave of Mutilation 2 for an uber faction-fitted Vindicator in action.

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OK. So:

Lock'N'Load 1 - lots of really nice Minnie action, mostly Vaga action, some solo but some small gang ganks cut to appear solo. My favourite is a 2 man Stabber tag-team working over a ratting Ferox at around 10 minutes in.

If you download this make sure you turn the sound off as the music is some of the worst I've ever heard (and that's saying something, believe me).

Wave of Mutilation 2. - Uber faction tanked Vindicator kicking backside. Notable display of just how powerful the nerfed single med-slot ECM jammer was even at the top end of Eve combat.

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  • 1 month later...

Not really one of the best videos ever, but certainly among the newest: I guess everyone's seen the Rev 2 trailer by now?

Cheesy and overblown as ever but nearly bleak enough to work, as with most of the CCP vids. I wish they'd dispense with a bit of the faux-portentousness and most of the purple prose, because if they stripped down on that stuff they'd be able to make a better trailer for the cyncial, dystopian reality of the universe. Still, the revelation that the movers and shakers of Eve are empire-building egotists with God complexes who turn out in the end just to be nasty bastards who revel in killing and destruction is at least honest for a game trailer. And if you apply the trailer fable to the actual players you could even say it's a little witty satire on the community (but let's not read too much into it, eh Gorf?).

Basically, though, I was just wanting to see what happened in that clash at the end; but going by the amount of Nidhoggurs in there I can probably guess. :(

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Right well its been a while since I posted on here but here are some good vids been digging around and found a few older vids that are entertaining:

Coreli never outgunned- Vid by the chap who did Day of Darkness similar in style.

Why We Do it- Mercenary Coalition Vid, pretty old but its got great music and is very true to the realities of eve.

Damage Control 2 -Lots of Minnie action, some Mach stuff and a great example of Fleet Commander difficulties at the beginning of the video.

Load of Gallent PVP stuff-

Domi for the win -the prequel to Jamesw's Domination -Blaster Domi Action!

Reckless -Farjung of Wave of Mutiliation fame in some crazy Megathron solo action.

Got Stupid- Taranis, Thorax and other gally ships in some great fights.

Ednas_Adventures_ in_Space- more gally action lots of Ishtar kills.

Map_of_Problomatique_final- My fave of this lot lots of gally ships flown here particularly the Myrmidon and Arazu, which appears to be the most frustrating ship to fight against ever.

Hope all links work ;)

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My fave of this lot lots of gally ships flown here particularly the Myrmidon and Arazu, which appears to be the most frustrating ship to fight against ever.

When I had my Arazu I just wanted to be a pirate, I used pretty much the exact same setup as that guy. If you can find a lone ship like the raven in that vid then it's doomed. Unfortunately anyone I try to engage solo always has friends waiting to jump in. The only thing I managed to solo in it was an atron. ;)

That vid does make me want to get out in my drone boats and try and kill some peeps though.

EDIT: I'm definitely buying another Arazu, I can get covops cloaks for 2.5mil now so I could probably outfit it relatively cheaply for gank work.

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