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Feedback for StephenM

1 - Funky use of guitar, not so keen on the vocals, but the acoustic carries it. I don't know the song, but I think I recognise the artist - John Mayer? It's a nice song, but the vocals don't really do anything for me.

John Mayer - Belief. Shame about the vocals, but a lot of people say that about Mayer. Nice acoustic version of a good song, though.

2 - Again some nice guitar, this time electronic and slightly distorted, and backed up by a pleasingly driving drum machine and a damn sexy voice. This is excellent. It also moves nicely from the last track, going from quiet acoustic to quiet electro-influenced indie. I don't know who this is, but I'd very much like to!

Blondfire - L-L-Love. I did try to use the fact that you gave me some cool electro with female vocals, and selected as accordingly as I could. Thought you'd like this - who wouldn't?! As far as I know they only have an EP which has been around a while (that's all I have of theirs), but definitely worth checking out.

3 - The distortion continues, and we're firmly into electronic territory here, again a slight up in volume. Another case of drum machine that's proud of being drum machine, and male vocals of a sort I enjoy. Seems to have an almost industrial feel to it, which really seems to work. I like this song a lot. I'm not sure, but it sounds a bit like Depeche Mode, and I know you like them... is it?

Depeche Mode - The Sinner in Me. Of course it is :angry:

4 - From static to purity, a very 'clean' hip-hop track, with backing moaning that sounds like Thom Yorke at his most wail-y. Not too keen on the use of piano in this one, but I like the chorus and actual rapping.

CRS - Us Placers. Sounds a lot like Thom Yorke - that'll be the Thom Yorke sample! CRS is some project that Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West and Pharell are doing. This was on Kanye's most recent mixtape - I just thought it was surprisingly good for what sounds like a dodgy trio!

5 - Good jump in, very nicely done. A like this. A lot. Good, driving rap, similarly driving beat and some very nice backing tunes. Impressed - who is it?

P.O.S - Bleeding Heart's Club. P.O.S is in a punk band and also a rapper, which I think is an interesting mix. This song doesn't showcase that at all... Not sure why I mentioned it! Hmm. This song also features Slug from Atmosphere, which is an awesome band to check out. I just like rap songs that rap about normal shizzle.

6 - O-kay. This one really doesn't seem to fit in, first track to really jump out too much. A pity, because it's an awesome little electro-tune. I have no idea who this is, but it's fucking brilliant. Details man, details!

Client - Pornography. Another one I expected you to like! Very pleased that you do :( I found out about Client because Andy Fletcher from Depeche Mode (the fat one who does nothing) signed them to his label. And they're great, so check them out extensively.

7 - The very opening sounds like this could be Lovage..? Ah, singing starts - it's Handsome Boy Modeling School (you know, that completely different and unrelated band ;))! A nice tune, dulcet-tones and velvet-tongued singing (Cat Power, I think?). I've been Thinking's a great track, though again, doesn't really fit with the last track.

Handsome Boy Modeling School - I've Been Thinking. Ahhh. Lovely.

8 - Here's Lovage! Fits in well with the last track, unsurprisingly, another good track. Not /quite/ as good as the HBMS track, but Book of the Month is still a good 'un, particularly for the husky backing vocals.
;) Wow what a coincidence you like Lovage omg I did not know that. Amazing.
9 - another good rap track, fairly heavy, and another song with elements of industrial to it, good use of distortion and general fuzz. Seems kind've out of place again though. Not quite sure what he's upset about, but the rapper's clearly not happy about something.

Nine Inch Nails - Survivalism (Remix feat. Saul Williams). Saul Williams is awesome, very clever with his words, way more than most rappers. I don't particularly like this song in its original NIN form (one of the weakest on the new album, I think!), but Saul saves this big time. He has some good stuff out there, but I'm really looking forward to his new release, produced by Trent Reznor so it should all sound like this.

10 - mmm, PCP. This is a track about rehab, I think. Lyrically dark, has a good musical build up, and some good rapping over. (Chorus just came on, it's definitely about rehab ;)). Excellent track, the build-up doesn't betray the listener - who is this?

Sage Francis - Going Back To Rehab - That's what I love about this - the build up pays off how you would want it to. Sage's voice has that ability to really build, and the production helps a lot ;). Again, very pleased you liked it!

So yeah - pleased you enjoyed the mix, Wiper, let me know how seeking out the artists goes for you. You want any sends, give me a nod, it's no trouble!

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For elmo:

A month on and I'm finally finished with my work and I thought I should give your cd another chance, taking your comments on board whilst listening.....

ok... so i understand you didn't like it and thats all cool. IMO the music is FAR from bland, and as for the comment above, here is the track listings along with reasons why i love the song :lol:

1 The Ballad of Pure Thought- Millionaire

2 I Wanna Make It Wit Chu- The Desert Sessions

sitting at home on a lazy Saturday morning with nothing in the world to do, these two sound alright.

3 The Bronze- Queens Of The Stone Age

if I was out and drunk, this would be fine, but at home it does nothing for me

4 Blood From A Stone- The Mutts

found this one a bit dull. it sounds like a million other records

5 Stungun- Earthlings?

not feeling this one, it had me reaching for the skip button

6 The Photos on My Wall- The Good Shoes

too jangly and an awful voice. -skip-

7 Cherry Cola- The Eagles Of Death Metal

again, this really does nothing for me

8 I Don't Wanna Go Out- Graham Coxon

this was better, had a nice energy to it. again, be better if i was out and on the dancefloor rather than sat at home

9 Hold Up- Beat Civilian

10 An Autumn That Came Too Soon- Goon Moon

11 Jennifer's Jacket- The Presidents of the United States of America

can't really think of much to say about these, but i didn't like them

So yeah, i'm not having a pop we are all about opinions (this thread wouldn't work if we all agreed) but i just wanted to defend some of the music i love so much. Bland to me is Travis, this is all far from Travis

I think my problem here is the fact that these songs don't stand out from each other or anything else I've heard before. Too many predictable chord patterns, familiar sounds and uninteresting song structures. All of it could be 20 years old as far as I'm concerned. It doesn't have the funk I like in my guitar music and it certainly doesn't have anything new and unique to catch my interest. Track 6 excluded, there was nothing I hated, but there was really nothing I fully liked. At least we agree on Travis ;)

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Orooth - Still no CD here, I'll take an upload if you can.

Bruised Blood - ?

BB was due to send me a CD at some point too, sent me a PM about it saying he'd been busy at work. Not heard from him since.

I'll take an upload too if that's more convenient :o

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I've got me hands on some Client and Sage Francis, and while Client have proven to be alright, SF is really excellent. Very big thanks for pointing me in his direction mr M!

Also, while Client are 'alright', I realised while listening to them some more that the lead singer sounded like that lass from Dubstar - and she is! Hadn't listened to Dubstar for years, but listening to Client made me go out and find Disgraceful (great album), so it's had a good effect in that respect at least!

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She is the girl from Dubstar, yeah! I should totally have mentioned that...

Pleased you liked Sage. Also do check out Atmosphere if you don't know them already.

Ps. Feedback for the CD I received coming very very soon, promise.

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I really want to get involved with this again now I have more spare time, and theres a CD I have to get round to doing anyway, but my cd writer is broken :P would it be missing the point if I uploaded the playlist instead?

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I really want to get involved with this again now I have more spare time, and theres a CD I have to get round to doing anyway, but my cd writer is broken :P would it be missing the point if I uploaded the playlist instead?

Shouldn't think the reciepient would mind.

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Orooth - Still no CD here, I'll take an upload if you can.

Bruised Blood - ?

I sent mine on saturday.

Which means you either hate it and are too polite to say so, or you didn't get it.

Sending again registered post.

Burn and post it wednesday.

Richards no, nothing. And I'm not being polite, but if I recieve it, I'm sure it'll be the stuff you like.

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So, finally, my feedback for whoever it may have been that sent me a CD!

1. Nice. Very relaxed. I predict it won't stay relaxed, though. The melody has this whole old school medievil vibe, as does the music. Not that I am down with medievil tunes, really, I don't even know the big number ones of the period. Good song, nice and atmospheric, would play this kind of thing when I was writing.

2.That first song DID stay calm and atmospheric! I expected wild overdriven guitars to come in. This second track sounds like more of the same, so far. The length, though, tells me to expect some change. Slow build... I like it. Wouldn't listen to it a lot, though, just 'cause of the length and my short attention span. Oh and 15 seconds of silence on the end = TIME WASTER! :rolleyes:

3. Don't know any of these artists or tracks. All very samey so far, not really a fan of that. The lyrics of this are awesome though! My favourite song so far, definitely.

4. Instrumental. Atmospheric. Good. Maybe marking the end of this section? That's one other thing worth saying, I like how this seems to have a strong tone and all the tracks hang together really well.

5. Something with MF Doom on it, once you get past about an hour of SFX. Like I said, short attention span. I love Doom's voice though, so I'm feeling the second half of this. What is it?

6. Hrmmmm, we're back to the metal sound already. This is progtastic, though. Reminds me of every single song on the second Guitar Hero! Don't like it much, to be honest. Sorry. All these songs have very similar vocals, I appreciate that's the genre, but a bit of variation wouldn't go a miss!

7. Loud fuzz blip at the start. Weird, but I'll let it go ;). Ohhhh this is really good! When the drums kick in it is cool as hell. Reminds me of something that could be in a film when someone is walking in slow motion. My new favourite track on the mix!

8. Instrumental again, not a particularly great one. Nothing more to say on that, really.

9. Listen to that riff! Awesome. Still the same as most of the other tracks though. Shame. Don't like it, sorry.

10. Like this straight away, I think just because it's different. No, not just 'cause it's different, because it's really good. Would definitely seek out more of the same.

11. Haha, now it's very very different! The most jaunty music in the world. This is some cool Animal Crossing shiz, and I'm loving it.

12. Best track so far, and I can say that after a bar. When anyone talks about rain in music, it makes a good song. Why is that?

13. Familiar sounding, but I don't know what it is. Madlib or something? I'm not sure, someone I know a little of but don't know that well, that's my best guess.

In all, I liked it, but given that I didn't like that metally style of the first few tracks, and given that the CD was mostly made up of those, it was less than ideal. Definitely a couple of people I would check out though, given the tracklist.


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It was raining a lot. That's half my inspiration for that CD. I'll find the tracklist soon...

EDIT: Also, cheers for feedback!

Ahhh, the Animal Crossing is obviously some kind of rain song? Clever. And it makes your CD 'art' seem more logical! Nice! My June CD has a theme, ish.

Not forgotten that tracklisting, btw! Come on!!

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Hello! sorry sorry sorry sorry.... life is crazy at the moment, I haven't had a chance to review the CD that came for me. Strawdonkey, did you get the CD in the end? I sent it last saturday, so hopefully it should have arrived by now...

I'll get a review up in a mo, but I seem to remember enjoying it! :blink:

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Ahhh, the Animal Crossing is obviously some kind of rain song? Clever. And it makes your CD 'art' seem more logical! Nice! My June CD has a theme, ish.

Not forgotten that tracklisting, btw! Come on!!

Gah! Forgot about that. I'll get it later, I swear.

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1) Papa M - The Lass of Roch Royal (or Loch? That's what it sez on my machine anyway...)

2) Tool - 10,000 Days (Wings Pt.2)

3) Pearl Jam - Whale Song

4) The Land of Nod - Light Fades Fast

5) Viktor Vaughan - Change the Beat

6) Mastodon - Seabeast

7) NIN - The Great Collapse

:lol: Dinosaur Jr - Water

9) Animal Crossing - 1PM

10) Quasi - It's Raining

11) The Mars Volta - Tira Me A Las Aranas

12) Thin Lizzy - Thunder & Lightning

13) Quasimoto - Bus Ride

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