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that mcgovern guy in the Mirror's a funny fucker.

You just knew Fernando Torres was on his way to Chelsea the moment they tabled that huge bid.

The only rivals to sign him were cash-strapped Everton, who bid a huge table.

Barcelona showed absolutely no interest in buying the Spanish international. Why that was I can't explain, but it implies they know an awful lot more about Torres than Chelsea do, just as they know an awful lot more about winning European Cups than Chelsea do.

Roman Abramovich sees Torres as the man to revitalise Chelsea's title challenge - further confirmation that he hasn't been paying attention for two years.

Liverpool can't believe their luck that they got £50million for a man who has had one good game in two seasons. They got only £6m for Ryan Babel, who had only one good game fewer.

Torres famously brushed up on Liverpool's history before he signed for them but was spared that trouble yesterday because Chelsea do not have one.

How juicy that Torres's first game in a Chelsea shirt could be against Liverpool on Sunday. His form at Anfield has been so wretched that one of the terms of yesterday's transfer, on Kenny Dalglish's insistence, was that he MUST play against the Reds.

He's 5-4 with Paddy Power to score on Sunday and 4-1 with Bet365 to be booked.

With the Torres money, Liverpool pledged to sign a player guaranteed to hit the net at every available opportunity but their bid for Andy Murray was rejected. Newcastle striker Andy Carroll - Duncan Ferguson with a ponytail - was their preferred choice, at something like £35m. Carroll has impressed with his hold-up work, but £35m is such daylight robbery I'm beginning to suspect that what he holds up best are banks.

Torres arrived at Chelsea by chopper - an exhausted Ron Harris said he will bill them for it - and Carroll took the same mode of transport to get to Liverpool. That's one overworked chopper, although in fairness the England striker said he's trying to concentrate on football.

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Yeah that dude's a comedy genius. Andy Murray! I get it!

Still don't know how I feel about yesterday - disappointed in Torres (seems that Champions League is all that matters and one season out of it is too much to bear), gobsmacked by £35m for a rookie, but then I think Torres = Carroll + Suarez and it all looks quite sensible.

Just need to stop myself from thinking how else £50m could have been spent given more time... that's what makes me angry and it's either Torres' or Chelsea's fault. One theory has it that Chelsea waited until Man City had finished their business so City wouldn't hijack the deal when they realised Torres was available. Shame. A bidding war would have been hilarious.

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Or Liverpools fault. Had they brought in some quality players at the start of the window maybe he would hacve thought it was worth sticking around!

Torres hasn't thought it's been worth sticking around since day one of the league this season. Maybe a bit more talent would have helped but he's not been on form and in a way I'm glad he's gone because that cloud won't be hanging over us anymore, and we can focus on players who hopefully actually want to be at the club.

He was never a hero for me. I know he was for a lot of people, but not me.

It's a big shake up (Kenny included), but it's good it happened mid-season. We stand a chance of recovering this year and starting on a good foot for the next season.

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Still don't know how I feel about yesterday - disappointed in Torres (seems that Champions League is all that matters and one season out of it is too much to bear)

It would be two seasons if he stayed, I cant see Liverpool finishing in the top four this year. Okay, Liverpool could have held on to him until the summer, but in the grand scheme of things we would have probably still ended up where we are today, albeit with Torres and Carroll moving for smaller fees.

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Fernando Torres: Chelsea striker. Actually seeing it in writing feels strange' date=' and the sight of him in a blue, rather than red shirt, harder for fans to come to terms with than the fact the former Liverpool number nine switched clubs for a record breaking £50 million.

Last week, the idea that we’d be referring to Torres as a former Red by the following Tuesday was simply un-imaginable for the majority of Liverpool fans – yet the feeling that he was at a club progressing much slower than he had hoped had been growing within the player for some time - and when Chelsea made a serious enquiry ahead of Liverpool’s game against Fulham, Fernando sensed that this was an opportunity that he could not resist.

Torres felt that a move to Chelsea provided him with the best opportunity to remain in England where his particular talents are best exploited, while offering a more realistic chance of getting his hands on the European and domestic silverware his time at Atletico Madrid and Liverpool failed to deliver. That will be painful for the fans to hear but is what eventually took him away.

Torres and his people spent the first half of yesterday at Melwood where they, along with club employees, experienced moments where the deal was not going to take place. The words ‘its not going to happen’ were muttered more than once. Nevertheless, once the transfer request had been submitted two days earlier, the player and the club knew there would be no going back – no matter how difficult the departure. No point in keeping an unhappy player in the squad.

Between the moment Liverpool realised that a serious bid from Chelsea could be presented during the January transfer window and the point at which Torres signed a five and a half year deal at Stamford Bridge, the search for a replacement at Anfield became a priority over the last few weeks as Liverpool made enquiries as to the availability of the likes of Fernando Llorente and Alvaro Negredo. Liverpool ignored the first offer from Chelsea, which made before the Fulham game on the 26th of January, and dismissed it out of hand, considering it an insulting amount compared to what would be expected. But once Torres made his feelings clear on Friday night, the situation changed dramatically.

On Sunday, the increased £50 million offer from Chelsea materialised and Liverpool accepted it under the condition they could find a replacement. As reassuring as it is to have money in the bank, football wealth needs to be reflected out on the pitch: as Newcastle - considerably richer but short of a striker - may well find out.

Life goes on. Liverpool have moved on quickly, bringing in two international forwards where they previously had just one. There was an element of panic in the Carroll decision but football people at the club (Comolli, Dalglish) feel the potential justifies the outlay. Over time, the wisdom of that decision will become apparent and reflect how good the sporting hands running the club really are. [/quote']


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From an earlier blog

Torres has taken this step because it is clear he wants to leave and there is not much point in keeping someone, no matter how important, if he is not happy. The striker did not lift a finger in the summer after receiving huge offers from City and Chelsea because he was told it was decisive for the selling of the club that he stayed. He was not the only important player that could have left stayed to help the club.
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If that blog entry is true then that's actually quite sad, for both parties; Liverpool - because it shows we had to resort to such desperate measures to get out of the mess G&H got us into, and for Torres to have to stay when he wanted to go.

Clearly it confirms what most said - that he didn't want to be here any more, and cheapens his comments earlier last month (although maybe he didn't think anybody would be bidding for him?).

Upsetting that it all started 12 days ago - does that mean he was tapped-up, or that the clubs where informally talking?

Perhaps the biggest plus from the Torres saga is that Carroll's farcical departure from Newcastle is a bit lower-key. Also, him being injured may not be a bad thing - it might help him adjust to everything (and accept that he's left them) without the added pressure of having to perform on the pitch. Hopefully the club can look after him properly in these crucial first few weeks (and for Suarez too, given that there will be a bit more pressure on him now).

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Liverpool new boy Luis Suarez is in line to make his Anfield debut against Stoke tonight after receiving international clearance from the FA.

The Uruguayan international has been named in Kenny Dalglish's squad for the clash with Tony Pulis' side as the Reds look to make it three wins in a row and continue their climb up the league table.

Tickets are still available for tonight's game from the ticket office windows at Anfield and there will also be cash turnstiles open at the stadium tonight - so don't miss out on this chance to see our new number seven in action.


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Carlo Ancelotti said Chelsea's British record £50m signing Fernando Torres is likely to make his debut against former club Liverpool in the league on Sunday.

"We have to test him tomorrow and the next day. If he has no problem, he can play," Blues boss Ancelotti stated.

"But I think he has no problem because he played the last game with Liverpool and played well."



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This is how you leave Liverpool FC Fernando, with a bit of class and a bit of respect:

@RyanBabel on Twitter:

There is no other club then Liverpool with the anthem " YNWA " !!! #Beautiful

Wanna thank ALL of you fans but the ones in particular who believed in me and supported me all those years..

Its definitely a shame it didn't worked out for me and the club, but that's how it is sometimes..

I was blessed to work with one of the greatest football players and I learned a lot

I learn to love the lfc way, the city, the people and I made lots of friends in Liverpool

I wanna wish Liverpool all the luck and I hope they will end in top 4 where they belong at the end of the season

And thanks for still following me on here .. #YNWA

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