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The old Man Utd Thread


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Why are you posting that in this thread, you trying to gee us up or something? Now I have this vision in my mind of Vermaelen leaving Koscienly horribly exposed on the break, forcing him into a last ditch tackle which gets him sent off, then Ramsey has to play right back for the rest of the game. One can only hope.

Anyway assuming everyone's fit, Arsenal are playing much better than us at the moment and I'd honestly take a draw going into the game. If Arsenal can get three points at Old Trafford, that would be huge for them, and would very likely shut up everyone still umming and ahhing about their title credentials.

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Well Mert trained yesterday so hopefully it's bollocks. I wouldn't be at all confident with Vermaelen and Koscielny.

I reckon both sides would take a point but it won't play out like Man Utd vs Chelsea for instance, because Wenger doesn't set out to kill games from the first minute unlike some people.

edit: Giroud just posted a photo of the team out for a stroll and Mert appears to be there, so I assume he's fine

edit2: people now saying it's Bendtner (you can only see the back of his head). Also RVP seems to have bottled it and could be out.

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pretty underwhelming team selection. Kagawa shuffled out to the left again. and the first thing Moyes said in the pre-match interview was that we have to stop them playing. we're the home side, ffs. and for that matter, we're Man Utd. not some over-awed minnows playing against a big club. :(

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