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The Man Utd Thread

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I don't think it was going in. I think it's an OG.


A draw was probably the fair result. Leicester didn't deserve to lose.  They had a lot of the ball, although we restricted their chances well. We created a few decent chances, and Schmeichel's save was very important.


It was a good game, partially ruined by Glenn Hoddle's tedious commentary making it seem sort of boring.

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There'll be a lot of hot takes after that about our defence being bad despite us restricting them to only one good chance that you could blame the defence for, which was Bailly getting bamboozled by Vardy's movement. 


I don't think a win for us would have been unfair on Leicester there. By my reckoning we created 5 chances you expect to score to Leicester's 1 or 2. 

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I didn't think Leicester did deserve a point really given the chances United made. Never felt like they looked remotely dangerous.


It happens but Fernandes was too casual in giving the ball away for their first goal, if Rashford picks the ball up deep in our half I think he's carrying the ball wide before pulling back and finding an easy pass, rather than trying to pass through what seemed to look like the opposition's legs or just past for a player far forward with another opposition player nearby. 


I liked Martial's pressing, was unlucky with the offside, glad it was clear. He gave a look afterwards like he feels he can't catch a break. 


BT are going overboard with that Schmeichel save, it was a strong hand sure, but you'd expect most keepers to make the same save. From behind it looks hit straight at him. 


A lot of the through balls Rashford runs on to he's not central, his first touch was perfect and then he's set up for the shot but far from the keeper and a near perfect in the corner shot is needed and he was about 60% there. Sometimes you see players give the keeper the eyes and go high near post but I don't think Rashford was close enough. Does he wonder afterwards whether to take another touch to be nearer to the keeper because the keeper is set and ready. Can see the big difference with Martial's offside goal how easy it is to slot the ball past when central and closer. 


Rashford can score goals from that angle going for the far post but it's a high level of difficulty to do it every game. Like when pundits say he needs to score more scrappy goals, tap ins, maybe it's just to acknowledge if you want to be prolific you can't score inch perfect goals every game, it's not feasible. 


The header would be one of those easier chances, and then the Fernandes flick. 


Fernandes is so influential in a role where players don't really operate anymore. The tactic of finding Rashford and Martial runs (with other off the cuff play inbetween) is pretty much the entirety of attacking options, I am fine with that. I've not checked possession stats but it does seem that united have more of the ball than in the past when it seemed like there was no play happening at all. The passes from back up field seem better. 

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I don't actually care about possession, as a stat I think it's useless. Shots, shots on target, chances created, possession in final third etc I care for. 


The only thing is it has seemed in the past (you know when you've seen it but it's hard to pin point exact games) that United have given up trying to play at all so it's dispiriting to watch your team be like that. Especially when it's a big team with talented players. The best ideal is dominating the ball in the final third, playing one touch twos all over, interchanging of positions, but the reality is often passing the ball across the back. I don't want that. 


Pundits and journalists maintain United are set up to counter attack and will always struggle against deep compact defences, and I think Ole and his team wouldn't disagree. I think they'll just try to be as vertical and penetrating against any team regardless. 

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29 minutes ago, 5R7 said:

£6900?!? fucking el lol


and after our draw, it seems all results have gone that way too! thats good! :)


It says a lot about our expectations really, Leicester were 2nd in the league when we played, and we were upset about a draw, if anyone told us we'd be 4th, with a game in hand and only a few points off 1st by the end of the year, at the start of the season, we'd have snapped their hands off. It's only due to our poor start that we're not top!!

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10 minutes ago, teddymeow said:

My Dad is a Man Utd fan, my Mum supports Wolves.


Glad I don't live at home anymore!


could be worse mate...my partner is a liverpool fan...yeah..i know...jsut..dont...

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12 minutes ago, MikeBeaver said:

Yes... and it happened in our sleep, this time last year, our bench were less useful than a bench!!




That's how we lined up against City in the league cup semi in early January.

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Cavani, Rashford, and Greenwood are all doing more defensive work than Pogba. Pogba looks like a man who has been told that he's not getting a move in January. He doesn't even look like he wants the ball.


Telles looks like our most likely attacking threat, but he needs to get one of those crosses right.


Edit - How's that not gone in?

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