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The Man Utd Thread

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Surely not?


I don't know how I'd feel if it is true. I've always quite liked Cavani, but he's one of the most wasteful in front of goal strikers I've seen in many a year. He's too old. His wages would be eye-watering. The cost in wages will force us to pick him, which will send Martial back into a sulk for the next few years. If it's instead of Sancho, or Telles, or a really good holding midfielder and centre back, then God help us. 


But he is a proven goalscorer, albeit one who played for a team that won easily every week against very weak opposition, and you know, that team has decided he's not good enough to cut it in their mediocre league anymore. Maybe he'll score thirty goals for us and propel us up the table. And maybe the world will come together to find a vaccine for Covid-19 and defeat racism and wealth inequality and Marcus Rashford will be unilaterally installed as Prime Minister and everyone will agree to quietly abandon brexit, and we'll all live in a utopia of fairness where good things happen and no one is hungry or abandoned and despairing.  You never know. 


Edit - reading that back, it's a very weird post. Sorry. 

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think that sums it up pretty well. Plus he's a class above Ighalo who's loan is up in a few months.


It will also be pretty sweet when we have someone who can head the ball when Telles and Sancho are both whipping in crosses :eyebrows:



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The final nail in the coffin of the Sancho transfer will come tomorrow or Monday when we see pictures of Cavani holding up the number 7 shirt. 


10m in agents fees. If we'd upped the Sancho bid by that same amount we would have got him. Alternatively, we could have paid the three million we're being stubborn over in the Telles deal and had a bit left over.  


Telles will probably sign next season, but if course he'll have a new manager (it won't be anyone good, it'll probably be Fabio Capello in a dressing gown and slippers, or that guy who got sacked by Barcelona or something) because they will have sacked Ole for their own mistakes. Sancho will go to Bayern, Real Madrid, or most likely back to Man City. He'll score against us every time we play them. 


This will be our last bit of business this summer, I'm certain of it. I fucking despair. 

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3 hours ago, feltmonkey said:

The agent fee alone was apparently 10m Euros.


A reminder once again that Ed Woodward refuses to even meet with campaigners of the 'living wage'. It's a boys club, executives happier to throw millions at managers or agents who wear nice suits and who they deem of similar class to them. 


Thought the club was past making big name signings of players past their peak. Every signing under Ole showed some thought. It's like we've returned to 2014. 


I'm not pessimistic about the squad, Leeds are another example of a team who get the most out of what they have, although there's no doubt Bielsa knows what he wants. 


Bielsa plays the same way every match, I think motd are gonna show the commitment in numbers every post Leeds game this season. Look! They have 5 players in a line in the opposition half. Is sending players far wide the best way of pinning opposition fullbacks back then advancing up the field. 


Despite all the media a manager does, all the press conferences, the interviews, you never know what the plan is. We know in big games it works. We know they go on winning runs and then it stops and the players act like they've never seen each other before. 


I'm not doing the short termism thing of saying Ole deserves another season then losing faith after some crap performances...it would just help to know sometimes what the aim is, especially as the signings rarely explain anything. For pundits, they'll never be convinced by Ole, maybe it would help if he was more forthright in his intentions. 


For me as a fan I'd take the Leeds approach every game. When United are playing a mid table team (as opposed to Liverpool and Man City as Leeds just have) and appear scared to commit players forward in attack and can't string passes together it's dispiriting. I just want some fun. That Leeds City game today was so open, it was like what football could be without fear. The midfield was skipped, it was so end to end, but no defensive mistakes, just an acceptance football is about creating chances. There were few fouls, it allowed flair. 


The best football I've seen in the last few years is Ajax and Leeds. Both always have players who know what they're gonna do with the ball before they receive it. Back heels and blind passes to runners, 1 pass, 2nd pass, 3rd pass...in. 


Ole is looking kind of content in the stands, not concerned whatever the scoreline. Like he's past that. Some managers live every moment of a match, roaming the touchline making gestures like they're willing their players to fulfill the picture they have in their head. It seems easier to think the managers who sit far away are like the ones who are satisfied with how they prepared their team and the players will eventually figure it out.  


Ancelotti is like; football is a simple game. It is, and yet...based on several thousand games of pro evo online it becomes a mystery when you can't create anything. You can't even get it out wide. Can't get in behind. 


God knows what the performance will be like tomorrow. Just remembered, heard Eriksen was linked. Dunno where he'd fit but I'd take him. 

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7 minutes ago, MikeBeaver said:

Looks like, with practically moments to go before a match, Telles has sort of been confirmed by some decent sources, better news than Cavani , but the timing is fucking awful!!


Probably so it looks less like a panic buy if announced just after we play as badly as we did against Palace and lose 4-0.

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6 minutes ago, spork said:


Probably so it looks less like a panic buy if announced just after we play as badly as we did against Palace and lose 4-0.


Fair point, hadn't thought of it that way, it's sort of good news though, just need to get the big deal done tomorrow now and it will be looking better, still gotta brush past Jose today though as yet.

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United do look far more urgent and energetic if nothing else, visibly pissed they conceded 2 in quick succession. It's not ending 1-2 at least. 


Couldn't get used to no crowd noise, at first, now I prefer it. Honingstein is co commentator I think on my stream..speaking German. 

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