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The Man Utd Thread

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Solskjaer may not be your long term solution, but biy has he given you guys your identity back. You are playing Man Utd football. 


Imagine the scenario.. Liverpool go back to back in 2018/19 and 2019/20 and in 2020/21 it is Liverpool and Man United head 2 head for title 21. ;) 

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3 minutes ago, Chewylegs said:

What's your guys honest feelings on Paul Pogba? To me he seems like he is a petulant, self centred, poisonous player, one that does more harm than good in a team. 

I think he probably has a massive ego and thinks highly of himself, but I think the rest is a bit much. He's no Balotelli. 


He obviously didn't get on with Mourinho and didn't help himself with some of what he said publically. The worst thing about him is probably his agent who could easily be described as petulant and self centered. 


Did he have issues at Juventus or with France? Genuine question, I have no idea. 

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I don’t like him because of the way he conducted himself over the Mourinho nonsense. How much of that is down to the media singling him out is hard to tell though.


He definitely seems a lot happier now, so it could all be down to him being a bit immature. Hopefully he’s learned from it and can put it all behind him.

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