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The Man Utd Thread

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anyone seen what psg did to celtic!?! played a full team and demolished, them, that is exactly what we should have done, then we  would have had a game that didn't matter..but nooooo, lets play for the draw...again...eurgh...

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21 hours ago, 5R7 said:

made hard work of that


Maybe, but Brighton were excellent and will come away feeling aggrieved they didn't take a point. That United managed to break down such a well-drilled defence and keep a clean sheet is something to celebrate. Mourinho was right when he said they were the best team to come to OT this season.

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Was a bit concerning that our best opportunities yesterday came via a 32 year old makeshift (although he's looking increasingly comfortable in the role) left back, and that there was very little in the way of invention from the players whose actual responsibility it is to create. I don't know if it's the players themselves or the coaching. It's probably a mixture, but players like Mata and Mkihtaryan have produced consistently for other clubs at the highest level of course. Also, as a product of how many forwards we had on the pitch, Rashford and Lukaku often found themselves wider / deeper than they really ought to be. I think the squad balance is wrong still, really. City and Spurs particularly have a much better mix, with lots more alternatives to provide energy and creativity in midfield or at fullback. We can often look one-paced and lacking ideas if one or two players are out, or just not having a good game. Are we cultivating an environment where that sort of player can thrive though, where they would want to come here?


Still, a good weekend for us, Spurs, Chelsea and Liverpool have all dropped points and we haven't. Hopefully Burnley can continue their excellent form against Arsenal too. I'm not convinced we can catch up with City, but I think taking more risks in games is probably the only way we'll manage it. That should be easier to do if we don't have rivals breathing down our necks.

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The Manc derby is basically a must win. Anything else and it's City's title hands down.


If City win their next two home games v Southampton and West Ham? and follow it up with a win at Old Trafford.. Can we just start the season again?  

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