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Balding was an unfunny as ever, but it was a great episode.

I like Balding, but she's just not good at this sort of thing. I did laugh at "Speaking of idealogical lunatics Ken, what...." :D

Corking episode in general though.

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yeah I agree actually. Armstrong came off as a bullys subordinate more than anything. He knew he was in a safe environment with Hislop already laying into him so heavily and the audience apparently laughing along with it, so felt like he could safely give Black a quick kicking during almost every question.

Victoria Coren and Paul Merton rescued it though :)


aye womblingfree


anyone who wants to see properly funny jibes at people on the show, the episode where Angus Deaton shows up after his face has been on the front of every tabloid newspaper still holds up incredibly well.

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I thought Hislop and Black enjoyed the back and forth tbh.

Generally I find that if Hislop has it in for someone it's because they've brought it on themselves and it's a real test of a guests character. Either they fight back and come off well or they make a fool of themselves trying to match him, thus sealing their own fate. In Black's case, he was pretty stuck up at the top of the show but came alive after Hislop started laying into him. By the end of the show it was a entertaining duel.

I do wonder why people who don't like Hislop's very attacking nature would watch the show, it's his job not only on the show but during his day job to show up politicians and other people of debatable repute. It's a bit like criticising Merton for making non-sensical surrealist jokes, it's been his job for the last 20 years.

note: I've not seen the extended.

In other news, Roger Moore is hosting next month.

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