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With the departure of Toonfool, are these now considered dead? Shame as I really enjoyed the more relaxed attitude on there....

There's nothing to stop us organising Thursday games as usual, and the server is still there for the time being at least (I've got minor admin privileges on the server if none of the Northern Mafia turn up).

I've not played for the last few weeks because I needed the break to stop my enthusiasm from burning out. I'm cool to play tomorrow if there's enough people interested.

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Two things from the Halloween update you may have missed:

The Last Will and Testament of Zepheniah Mann

A charming family portrait

'Blutarch and Redmond'. :( Very good.

I like how the announcer is his wife (well the woman looks a lot life a fan version of what the announcer looks like) and the fact they got the dog in their from that fan-made dog update is a nice touch.

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