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Rock Band!


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  • 2 weeks later...

Rock Band 4 confirmed.

  • It will be on PS4 and Xbox One
  • Harmonix intends it to be fully backwards-compatible with ALL plastic instruments you may have already bought back in the mid-late '00s, and is working with Microsoft and Sony to make this a reality
  • All the DLC you bought for last-gen versions of Rock Band will be carried over (again, depending on the platform holders' co-operation)
  • There will be new instruments to buy if you want to buy them, and people who pre-order them will get exclusive colours
  • The new controllers will be largely similar in size and shape to the old ones, as Harmonix still has a relationship with Fender, but they will be identical in functionality: no new bells and whistles
  • It's no longer being published by EA – instead, Harmonix is partnering with Mad Catz both to manufacture the new instruments and to distribute the boxed game
  • Rock Band 4 is intended to be a platform that lasts for years rather than the first step in another sequence of yearly releases. It will be continuously updated with new songs, modes, and anything else the community wants
  • It will be out during summer
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There's a free DLC out to celebrate too!

To celebrate the long-awaited announcement of Rock Band 4, Harmonix is offering a free downloadable track. “I Still Believe",” recorded by UK-based songwriter Frank Turner for his fourth EP, Rock & Roll, is available now for download today, free of charge, on PlayStation®3 and Xbox 360®. Playable today in Rock Band 3 and Rock Band Blitz, this is one of the hundreds of songs that will be compatible with Rock Band 4 when it ships later this year for PlayStation®4 and Xbox One!

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New instrument pictures!



Mad Catz will introduce a Rock Band 4 Band In A Box™ bundle, which includes a copy of the game, a new Wireless Fender™ Stratocaster™ Guitar Controller, a new Wireless Drum Kit and a Microphone! If you just want to rock out with a Guitar Controller, hey, we got you covered as we’ll have a Guitar Controller Bundle which includes a copy of the game and a Wireless Fender Stratocaster Guitar Controller. - See more at: http://madcatz.com/rock-band-is-back/#sthash.1DfzIRi4.dpuf

It's 2007 all over again! Who's fucking get one? Murray???

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It looks like it. Looks a lot sturdier than the old pedal, too.

Also, they're aiming for all previously exported on disc tracks to be supported in Rock Band 4.

@StarvingGamer current plan: every on-disc soundtrack you have previously exported will be supported in Rock Band 4
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From The Verge regarding dlc:

Not cross platform?

Not cross platform. I wouldn't put the stake through that, but that's the one that would take a lot of support from Microsoft and Sony, and frankly that's a political rat's nest. I don't see it. And we have our hands full just getting everything up first. So building a library is kind of the first step and respecting the entitlements that people have

I'm out. Unless I get a bone.

Can we just use one thread for this?

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Once again I vote to get The Kinks into Rock Band. And Elastica. And Kenickie. And Mclusky. And the Manics. And Pulp. And various other great bands that never really broke America.

Once again, doubtlessly, I vote in vain.

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I've never actually played this, just a couple of goes of guitar hero once. Not a musical bone in my body. However, I bet the kids will love it, and the wife can belt out a tune, so I'm in.

So is each song split up into vocals, guitar and drums, so 3 people play at once?

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Well, technically seven at once on Rock Band 3, if you picked a song with three-part vocal harmonies and a keyboard part.

Actually, that's a question I haven't seen answered about Rock Band 4 - are they keeping the harmonies? That was a great feature, especially on the Beatles game.

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