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I really, really wish they would have put a click in the game. It'd be so easy to do, just put the click in the headset.

I believe there's a click in the training section, at least an option to turn one on. Visual stimulus from the game and my internal rhythm works for me the rest of the time.

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Which is well and good until you start playing blast/grind beats, where if you get even slightly out of time it's almost instantly game over.

It's exacerbated by the relative weighting the game gives to kicks and snares. Hitting a kick or a snare gives you a disproportionately greater boost to your succeed-o-meter than hitting a tom or cymbal, and missing kicks and snares gives you a disproportionately greater penalty. AND, hitting a kick or snare where the game didn't want one also gives you a penalty.

So there's a double-whammy effect, where if you fall off the metronome even slightly, you are immediately getting penalised twice - once for not hitting the beat the game wants you to play, and once for hitting where it doesn't want you to.

Watch that Black Dahlia Murder video again and you should be able to see what I mean.

The ability to have click in your ear would make it a whole lot easier to stay right on top of the beat, and if you did it over the headset earpiece then it wouldn't be an issue for anyone else in multiplayer.

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I thought it invalidated high scores for leaderboards?

Not since Rock Band 3. Which is great, 'cos I play to enjoy and get involved in the music more than to get a high score or "complete" the game, but it's nice to still have a ranking should I want to push for that.

Arguably its one problem is that it's stopped me trying to get better - back in the days of Guitar Hero, that one song you couldn't get past could lead to a fantastic moment when it just clicks. Insane solos are probably going to be forever beyond me.

Agreed that it's not a solution to your issue keeping time, though not instantly failing may at least alleviate the frustration when it happens late into songs.

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I think "if you suck, the audience will boo you off the stage" is one of those design ideas that they put in back in the GH1 days because it sounds like the kind of thing a real band might undergo, without really considering whether or not it makes for a fun game.

I also had no idea No Fail Mode had no penalty at all. If I do ever get another Rock Band drum kit, I might turn it on for some of the sillier songs.

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With the c3 forums putting out regular new custom tunes each Friday ive now gotten back into regular drumming, and as such was wondering if any guys with an ion drum rocker and maybe not using them anymore would have a cymbal for sale? A like for like replacement for my Roland cy5 would be £70. Ugh. They were £50 a few years ago.

Also, did someone mention being interested in making pedals? I've two stock pedals with solid wood tops for toughness but the springs are wearing out. I have a twin rocker for my ions so would be very interested in one or two better quality pedals.

Cheers in advance.

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Holy shit. Thank you to everyone that highlighted that Rock Band Customs were a thing. I had no idea. I've just followed the tutorial and now have a handful of customs sat in my list of tunes ready to play. I can't road test them yet but should be able to before too long.

Is there a definitive list or a number of lists of customs available anywhere? I've seen the C3 Songs Database one and the older Google doc list on customscreators.com too and there's loads of good stuff there. Was just wondering if there were more anywhere.

This is so exciting. Goddamn.

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More new DLC!

Available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation®3 system (February 17th, 2015):

• Tenacious D – “Rize Of The Fenix”
• Weezer – “Back To The Shack”

Price: $1.99 USD, £.99 UK, €1.49 EU per song (These tracks will be available in Europe on PlayStation®3 system February 17th)

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