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Ben Stiller's Tropic Thunder

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I thought Jack Black was a waste of space in the film except in the scene where he

offers to suck the guys cock to get some drugs

. I laughed my arse off at that.

Tom Cruise was brilliant in it, and the term

I'm a motherfucking LEAD farmer!!!

was amazing.

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I thought it was very funny and think sometime some people look for way more than what it was. It's just an over the top, hollywood piss take. I think it did a very good job at that and I thought there were a lot of really funny moments. I agree that Jack Black didn't really do much in this at all but roll around, sweat and swear. He really didn't come into the film untill the tree scene (which was very funny).

Downey Jr and Cruise made the film though, they were fantastic.


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Was Tom Cruise's character supposed to be funny? Just checking.

The funniest bit in this movie when I saw it was:

In the total silence just before the film started rolling, someone dropped their massive bucket of popcorn, with an audible "oh shit!". Cue my row and the row behind us all stifling hard for about 20 seconds to prevent laughing out loud, then massive LOLs of relief during the deeply unfunny fake advert which comes up first.

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Downey Jnr and Tom Cruise were great, same too for Matthew McConaughey. Stiller was just as awful as I always think he is and Jack Black appeared to be playing himself, or a guy based on someone who is Jack Black. It had a few funny moments but it was more smile comedy than anything else.

Maybe it's hilarious if you're IN Hollywood's system?


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