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Now might be a good time to put a bet on for Spain to win the tournament though, probably won't get better odds :hat:

'World Cup Winner' is the following on Betfair at the moment:

Spain & Brazil at 6.4

Argentina at 7

Germany at 8.4

England at 9.8

Holland at 10.5

Italy at 17

France at 29

Portugal at 34

Ivory Coast at 50

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France -1/Germany/England -1


Ribery MOTM at 6/1

Ribery FGS at 4/1

Watch the slags fuck every one of those bets now.

Oh my lol. How many times must they do this to me before I learn my lesson?

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Anybody be kind enough to post up odds for todays match from oddschecker or wherever,.me and a few lads at work wanna have a flutter but everywhere blocked :facepalm: 3-0 england seems a popular shout. Not sure you'd get much more than 7's for that though?

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£25 on England 3 - 0 - Algeria @ 7.2 (Free £25 bet on Betfair - head over to the World Cup Zone to get it)

£2 on (Rooney) England 2 - 1 Algeria @ 42

£3 on Germany 0 - 1 Serbia @ 4.5 (placed during halftime, hence the low odds)

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Do you have to do anything to get the 25 free bet?

I just headed over to the World Cup Zone, clicked 'free £25 bet on England v Algeria' (it's a massive thing at the top of the page), and it bought up everything I could choose. It takes the money out of your account, but if you lose the bet you get that £25 back. If you win the bet, you don't get the £25 stake, which makes sense.

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According to someone on HUKD they sent Betfair an email and got this reply:

Dear Sir/madame,

r your e-mail.

Please be advised that once this promotion has been credited to your account the funds will be normal cash for you to do what you ,like with. if you wanted to withdraw this then you would be able to with no further wagering requirement.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further enquiries.

Kind regards,

Ed Willis

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You wont be able to withdraw it back to your bank acc though like the 888 £20 offer? It just means you'll get your £25 back into your Betfair account to make more bets?

The last time I had a free bet from Betfair and lost, the £25 just appeared back in my account. No idea if you can withdraw it or not, but I imagine you can.

£3 on Germany 0 - 1 Serbia @ 4.5 (placed during halftime, hence the low odds)


It was a very tense second half. About a dozen good chances, and a bloody penalty!

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