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Apparently a couple of writers have been hired to try and produce a script for a Justice League movie. If it doesn't get bogged down in development hell, it would come out at a time when there are Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman movies on the go.

It could make for amazing tie-ins, but probably wont.

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Variety Article

I wouldn't be surprised if we see the Wonder Woman film put on hold to see if the character has any potential at the box office. Whilst I'm not sure how they will handle Superman and Batman (will they be recast or will Bale and Routh be in the film?) I doubt they would be the main people in it, instead they'd probably give over the film to Green Lantern, Flash, Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter in order to improve chances of solo spin-off movies.

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There is no chance they will do it while the other franchises are still going on. If it will happen then you can forget having the characters that have been made into films.

Why? WB own the rights to everything now I believe. The film really wouldn't be much of a draw if they left out their big three. If they did do it live action it would surely be ridiculously expensive to get Routh and Bale and the semantics of setting up origins and brief backstories for the remaining characters would be a bit of a nightmare.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Superman sequel axed so Routh can appear in the Justice League movie? Moviehole seem to think so.

I'd be more interesting in seeing this than another dull Superman film, that's for sure.

A couple of months back I’d heard some whispers – whispers initiating as echoes from rather illustrious corridors mind you; that’s the only way I can put it without outing the pretty solid sources here – about the next “Superman” movie.

After the slightly (I say only slightly, because the film was still profitable) disappointing returns on “Superman Returns”, Warner were in two minds about whether to continue the series or not – right away, anyway. One idea that came up was to make their long-planned “Justice League” movie, and possibly just incorporate ‘Superman’ into that.

Cut to a month or so ago, and the trades announce that the studio is in the early stages of developing a “Justice League” movie.

Interestingly enough, a couple of weeks later, those some publications announce that the next “Superman” sequel could be delayed- because director Bryan Singer has gone and got himself involved in another film; a thriller for United Artists.

Interesting hey? Well, the plot thickens, I heard from a pretty reliable source this weekend – who, has some top contacts himself – who essentially confirmed that the WB are thinking of putting the next “Superman” movie into turnaround, and instead will just use the character in the new “Justice League” movie. (Funnily enough, Batman would not be involved in the new film – he’s too big to waste on a film like this, apparently).

Having now heard the same from about half-a-dozen reliable insiders, I checked in with a couple of sources near the Water Tower itself, who wouldn’t confirm nor deny the reports, but definitely haven’t dismissed that it’s a possibility. One of them would only say that there “could be something in [that]”.

I guess if it is true – and again, this is far from confirmation; and these rumours suggest that the idea is still just that… an idea – it doesn’t necessarily mean that a “Superman” sequel will be abandoned for good. Its probably just a way to get ‘more folks’ into seeing the next Superman movie – because he’ll be surrounded by other superheroes. Then, if that’s a monster hit, they might do a “Superman Returns” sequel. It isn’t a bad idea. FOX seems pretty confident that teaming ‘The Silver Surfer’ up with ‘The Fantastic Four’ is the best decision they’ve ever made for the latter property – especially considering their solo effort didn’t do much – so no doubt Warner will be keeping a close eye on their investment to see whether it does pay off.

Whatever the case, I'm sure Brandon Routh will be the one to don the Blue and Reds again.

Stay Tuned.

Thanks to ‘Sir type-a-lot’, ‘Burbank Lass’


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I don't see why.

Since the Superman Returns/Smallville/Louis and Clark audience are probably pretty much unaware of the JLA, they could do anything they want with this film.

I'd love to see a Superman vs Batman film.

Although yeah, like that article says, I could easily see some marketing suit deciding that the brands wouldn't gel for a mainstream summer blockbuster audience or some shit.

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Gotta say, much as this would rock my face off, I don't think it'll ever get made. Costs of Routh and (if they included Batman) Bale aside, it would easily be the most expensive film ever made.

They're saying Spidey 3 is currently looking like the most expensive movie to date, and that featured four super-powered characters. Granted, the Sandman was probably uber-expensive, but look at the powers they'd have to pay for just for the good guys in JLA, never mind a threat that'd do them justice.

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